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Li River Trip Tips

Li River, the most beautiful karst landscape area, is one of top 10 attractions in China. Here I list some tips for traveler who plan to have a Li River cruise trip.

♦ Best time to visit

Best time to have a Li River cruise trip: April to October will be the golden period

For seeing the misty and poetic scenery: late March - mid Apr
For a sunny and clean day cruise: late Sept to mid Oct
*See more details on Best Time to Visit Li River

Best to avoid: Chinese public holiday especially period around Oct 1 - 7. Because Guilin room supplement in these periods could not meet the requirement. Thus you may suffer a high room rate and need to tolerate the crowded situation in everywhere in Guilin.

Li River Trip Tips
♦ When cruising on Li River

► Cruise depart time will be 9:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. in different seasons. Final departing time will be printed on your cruise tickets and your tour guide will tell you in advanced.
► Cruising time is generally 4 hours while it will be changed according to the water level situation.
► Lunch is served on the board.
► Sunscreen is needed in summer days on the cruise, You’ll benefit from listening to the commentary by the tour guide. 

♦ Famous parts on Li River cruise

Yangdi - Yangdi part is the best place to take a picture of misty Li River. And from Yangdi, the following part will be the highlight of Li River cruise.

Langshi - there river banks along Langshi part is colored by green trees. And you will see more beautiful hills in this part.  

Nine horses painted hill - the most famous hill in Li River. The pattern on the hill forms a picture describing nine horses are running. But not everyone can find nine horses. So try to find as possible as you can when cruise on this part.  

Yellow cloth reflection - it is named because there is a yellow stone under the river bottom which seems like a yellow cloth shoal there. The reflection of the landscape here is clearer than other parts.
Xingping - Xingping part is famous because the landscape here has been printed on the CNY 20 currency. Many tourists would like to take a picture with 20 Yuan currency in this part.

*See more details on Li River Cruise Parts Introduction
Li River Trip Tips

♦ About high water period and low water period

Li River has high water period and low water period. In another words to say, Li River is influenced by rainy season and dry season.

When in rainy season (high water period), the river flows faster than usual, thus the cruise time may be less than 4 hours. The rainy season falls on May to June generally.

When in dry season (low water period), the river flows slower than usual, thus the cruise distance may be shorter than usual, and tourists may need be get on the cruise ship from another pier. (This situation will be informed to guests before the cruise). The dry season falls on winter months generally.

Li River Trip Tips

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