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How to Get to Bajiaozhai Geography Park from Guilin by Bus, Car Rental

Located in Ziyuan County of Guilin, Guangxi Province, Bajiaozhai Geography Park is listed as one of the seven most beautiful Danxia landform sites by Chinese National Geography Magazine. It is about 45 km from the central area of Ziyuan County, and about 170 kilometers away from Guilin downtown. Bajiaozhai Geography Park is a good place for visitors to do mountaineering and take beautiful pictures. To visit Bajiaozhai, travelers usually need to take Guilin City as a transport base. That means, you need to get to Guilin first, then transfer from Guilin to Bajiaozhai. Then how to Get to Bajiaozhai Geography Park from Guilin? There are usually two ways for self-service travelers: by bus or car rental.

By Car Rental(Recommended) 

Car rental is a recommended way to travel. You can book a car with driver in local Guilin travel agency. The car will take you directly to the entrance of Bajiaozhai Geography Park, then you can get in the park and tour by yourself. After the tour, the car will take you back to Guilin.

By Bus 

Take a regular bus at Guilin Bus Station to get to Ziyuan County(资源县) first, then transfer to a local bus to reach Meixi Town(梅溪). Upon your arrival in Meixi, you need to take a taxi to get to the entrance area of Bajiaozhai Geography Park. It takes about 4 hours. This is not easy for those who can not speak Chinese, as the cashier can not speak English at all when you book the bus tickets.

There is Chinese-speaking join-in group day tour to Bajiaozhai to Guilin. It operates every day. But it is based on Chinese-speaking guide service and all the travelers only speak Chinese. It is not easy to fit into the group as a foreigner. It is not recommended to take the group tour.

Tips Before You Go

Bajiaozhai Geography Park is quite large, and there are many differnt scenic spots inside. You need to hike along the mountain track to visit. There are quite a few viewing platforms on the mountains. When you come to a fork in the road near Hus Shan Ling, you can choose to continue your trip to the summit or not. If you do not climb to the summit, it takes about 2.5 hours by the loop line on the mountain. If you are going to continue your trip to the peak, you will take another 1.5 hours.

The park is open at night. If you are fun of camping in the mountain area, you should take your own tent. There are also some guesthouses to stay in the park. Price of a standard room is about 100-120 Yuan.

There are few places to buy drinking water or food in the park. You should prepare some before the trip.