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Hiking Tips along Li River

"Guilin's scenery is the best in the world.” It is said that Guilin is one of the four destinations in China which are most attractive for foreign tourists. Most of the tourists visiting the Li River by boat and are still not so close the Li River. Li River Hiking will give you a chance to close to the real Guilin Li River Scenery and you will see more about Guilin and the landscape than taking a boat. The Li River Hiking Routes also is one of the ten Hiking Routes in China recommended by travelers.
There are 3 routes we recommended:
Route 1: From Yangdi Village to Xingping Ancient Town.
This is the best hiking route along Li River. The section from Yangdi Village to Xingping is the essence of the Li River. The whole hiking route is about 15 km and will take you about 5-6 hrs. The route is very comfortable for walking without climbing or down mountains. You can always find people to ask the direction, and there is no need to worry about missing your way. Walking about 1 hrs from Yangdi Village, you will encounter a small village where you can buy water or get water from wells. The scenery along the Li River is very impressive.
For the section, you can start hiking from Yangdi Village or Xingping Ancient Town. From Yangdi, you need to take bus to Yangdi Road and take another transfer bus or motor tricycle to the Yangdi Wharf. When arriving Yangdi Wharf, walking straight and you will find ferryboats

Route 2: From Yangdi Village to Yangshuo
This route is longer than the route one. Some sections of the routes may be a little dangerous, so tourists should be organized and preparing well for the hiking. The ideal hiking is: 3 to 10 people, with at least on woman or half women and half men, preparing well for the tent, sleeping bag, drinking water, solid food, lighting appliance, drugs and so on. First take bus or boat to Yangdi, and then walking along the footpath along the river to Yangshuo. It is best to find a farmer’s horse to take a rest along the hiking route, where you can sleep and eating local style meal.
Route 3: From Crown Cave to Yangshuo
The Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most wonderful section the landscape along the Li River. Most people choose taking boat to appreciate the beauty. It is more comfortable, but seems the time is too short. The reason of recommending this route is that: the hiking route is beautiful, not so hard, and tourists could enjoy the joy of camping. If they feel tied you can also choose to take a short time ferryboat at anytime.
There are lots of buses to the Crown Cave and it takes you about 1 and a half hour to get there. Take a ferryboat to the west bank of the Li River and you can start you hiking.
When walking to the Half-Side Ferry, you can take a boat to pass here and carry on your hiking along the west bank. And Peach Blossom Village is not far away. Walking further you will pass Yangdi Wharf, transferring to the east bank and keep going you will see Mural Hill. Pitch a tent at the foot of Mural Hill.
The second day, you can walk directly to Xingping without taking a boat. From Xingping to Yangshuo, you can choose taking a boat or bus. It take about 1 and a half hr by boat and 1 hr by bus.
Hiking along Li River

Equipment for Hiking:
1. Backpack with rain cover, and a west pack.
2. Camping supplies: tent, sleeping bag, moisture-proof pad, mat
3. Catering: lunch-box, chopsticks or fork, cup, kettle, gas cylinder, cooking utensil
4. Tools: head lamp, glim, standby battery, buck knife, matches or lighters, compass, whistle, needlework
5. Personal medicines: avoid mosquito repellent agent, drugs for snakebite, salt, cooling oil, Yunnan Baiyao, cold medication and so on.
6. Clothing: hiking boot, socks, bush hat, quick dry garment, raincoat, sun cream
7. Spare Food: chocolate, candy, beef jerky, compressed biscuits
8. Camera