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Guilin History

Early History
Over ten thousand years ago, according to the discovered relics of Baojiyan Cave in Guilin urban and Zengpiyan Cave, Zengpiyan People had entered the matriarchal society.
 Guilin History
Xia and Zhou Dynasties
During this period, there lived the Baiyue people.
Qin Dynasty
Qin Shi Huang (214BC) set Guilin, Xiangjun, Nanhai the three counties, which is the origin of City’s name "Guilin", but the territory if not today’s Guilin. The Guilin Jun at that time was at Bushan, which is the southwest part of today’s Guipin.
Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms
Yuan Ding six years (111BC), Shian County was set in here, belonging to Jingzhou Lingling County.
In Han Dynasty, it was under the Shian Principality
During the Three Kingdoms, Guilin first belong to Shu and than belonged to Wu
In 265 years, there set Shian Jun Shian County, and the county was just at today’s Guilin.
Sui and Tang Dyansty
During Sui and Tang Dynasties, Guilin was under the administration of Lingnan Guizhou Main office
In 521, Lijing renovated the city at the north part of Qingxiu Mountian. In 634, it changed name to Lingui County.
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Song Dynasty and Yuan Dyansty
During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, it first subordinated to Chu and than to South Han.
During Song Dynasty, it firstly belonged to Guangnan West Road Guizhou, then belong to Jinjiang Mansion.
In Yuan Dynasty, Guilin belonged to Guangxi Province.
Ming and Qing Dynasty
During Ming and Qing Dynasty, Guilin all subordinated to Guilin Mansion.
The Republic of China
In 1911, Guilin was the capital of Guangxi.
In 1914, Guilin was renamed Guilin County.
In 1940, Guilin City was set.
From Nov., 1944 to Sep. 28, 1945, Guilin was occupied by Japan. Later, it belong to Guangxi Province and had been the provincial capital of Guangxi.
People’s Republic of China
On November 22, 1949, Guilin was liberated.
In 1958, it was renamed Guilin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, administrated Guilin city and suburban.
On July 1, 1981 and October 8, 1983, Yangshuo, Guilin Lingui was placed under the jurisdiction of Guilin.
On February 3, 1990, Gongcheng County was established to be Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County.
On January 18, 2013, revocation of Lingui County, Guilin Lingui District was set up