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Famous Food in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the top ten food paradise in China. Guangzhou's food culture is known throughout the whole China. Every year, Guangzhou will hold gourmet festival and its food culture has a long history. It has numerous traditional and innovative dishes, famous snacks and flavor food. Drinking tea and soup is a major feature of Guangzhou, has also become a unique local culture. Guangzhou dishes are the main representatives of the Cantonese cuisine. Top China Travel has listed some famous restaurant in Guangzhou for your reference, hence, you can have a good choice for your meals during your Guangzhou Tours.

Traditional Herb Tea
Guangzhou is a hot city because the summer begins in March. How can they get rid of this horrible weather? Thanks to the Guangzhou traditional herb tea called "Liang Cha". It can firmly to say that "Liang Cha" is one of the favorite drinking in Guangzhou. Liang Cha, refers a kind of drinking that cooked several Chinese herbal medicine together, can help people remove the physical heat from the body in the hot summer and comfort the throat in the dry season.

We highly recommend all of the people to drink Liang Cha when they visit Guangzhou. It represents the culture of Guangzhou and people's emphasis on their health to overcome the unbearable weather.

Sugar Water
Sugar Water in Guangzhou is not only a simple food that put sugar into the water as a dessert. Besides the sugar water, there are many materials that cooked together. It is another eating culture of Guangzhou. Just as the same idea of Liang Cha, locals believe some Chinese herbs, beans, fresh fruits and flour food cooked together with sugar can nourish the body and keep health.

There are various kinds of Tian Pin (dessert), such as Sugar Water with Red or Green Bean Paste, Sesame Paste, Apricot Kernel Paste, Peanut Paste, Egg Milk, and Simmered Egg etc. All kinds of desserts can be found in Beijing road.


Guangzhou Moon Cake
Guangzhou-style moon cakes are one of the best choices for the Chinese people when celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival. Sweet or salty, Guangzhou-style moon cakes are golden yellow in color, beautifully shaped and soft, with thin skin and clear and delicate patterns. Cantonese moon cake can be divided into two categories: the salty and the sweet. Fillings for moon cake are lotus seeds, almond, shelled olive seeds, shelled peach core and sesame etc. Besides there are also stuffing of salty yolk, barbeque pork, toasted duck, winter Chinese mushroom, shrimp, lemon leaves and so on amount to 30 materials.
In recent years, there is fruit moon cake which is filled with pineapple, durian banana and so on other fruits.

Having moon cake is the traditional activity in mid-autumn festival (mid-autumn day). Everywhere of China will have moon cake that day and as well as every Chinese no mater at home or abroad.