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Traditional Herb Tea

Guangzhou is a hot city because the summer begins in March. How can they get rid of this horrible weather? Thanks to the Guangzhou traditional herb tea called “Liang Cha”. It can firmly to say that "Liang Cha” is one of the favorite drinking in Guangzhou.


What is "Liang Cha"

Liang Cha refers a kind of drinking that cooked several Chinese herbal medicine together. It can help people remove the physical heat from the body in the hot summer and comfort the throat in the dry season.
There are various kinds of teas, such as “Wang Lao Ji” and “Er Shi Si Wei” (Twenty-four-flavors). Among these, Wang Lao Ji is the most famous, which is highly recommended by the local people. 


It is said that this drinking was first introduced in 1828 by a person called Wang Ze Bang who firstly opened his Liang Cha store. He is a person who established Wang Lao Ji, which later spread to many foreign countries.
In 1930s and 1940s, there were other brands of Liang Cha like Chang Jiong Tang, Geng Tian Gong, Huang Zhen Long, etc. However, none of the stores could preserve the tradition and a secretive method for making the tea except for Wang Lao Ji and Huang Zhen Long. Those two brands later received modern capitals and innovative economic theories to spread the Liang Cha through out China. In 2006, Liang Cha got registered as cultural heritage of China.

A Must-do Thing in Guangzhou

We highly recommend all of the people to drink Liang Cha when they visit Guangzhou. It represents the culture of Guangzhou and people’s emphasis on their health to overcome the unbearable weather.


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