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Best Indian Restaurants in Guangzhou

Best Indian restaurants in Guangzhou include Guangzhou Vaastu Indian Restaurant, Guangzhou Tandoor, Ashoka India restaurant, Bombay Grill Cuisine of India, etc. There above places offers the tasty Indian food and exotic environment for guests.

There are many Indian restaurants with a decent ambiance and the most authentic Indian food in Guangzhou. Please find the recommended best Indian restaurants in Guangzhou as the following info.

Guangzhou Vaastu Indian Restaurant

Add: 13-15, 475 Huanshi Dong Lu, Yue Xiu Distrci
Signature Dish: Indian Northern Dishes
Business Hour: 11AM-10PM

Vasstu, a nice decorate Indian Restaurant in Guangzhou where can provide authentic North Indian food. It’s set meal - Vset Lunch is a revolutionary North-Indian lunch set meal. It allows the guest maximum discretion in creating their own menu, while offering just enough to satisfy. The guest builds their main-course curry with a choice of protein and gravy. This curry comes with Dal Makhani, Steamed Rice, Plain Naan, and a choice of drink. Several small-portion starters are also available to complete the meal. The service was excellent, ambiance and decor was good.

Guangzhou Tandoor

Add: Asia Int. Hotel, No.326, Section 1, Huan Shi Dong Lu
Signature Dish: Tandoori Dishes, Creamy Gravies, Rice, Dals & Authentic Indian Desserts
Business Hour: 10:30AM-11:00PM

The Tandoor Guangzhou, the fourth unit of the chain opened in July 2008 with an aim to cater for the Indian food lovers and the large population of foreigners and Indians in the Pearl River Delta. The restaurant has around eighty seats with a private dining area good for various catering services.

Serving quite a wide selection of northern Indian cuisine, with the chef and most kitchen staff form India. What's more, hot live Indian dance performances are available at night with dancers from India

best indian restaurants in guangzhou

Ashoka India Restaurant

Add: 47 Taojin North Rd., Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Ashoka India restaurant in Guangzhou specializes in a variety of dishes right from Moghali, Home Style Tandoori, Indian Chinese, North Indian and South Indian Cuisine's and makes each dish distinctive. Fragrant Spices imported from Indian country are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the exotic entrees for dinners. The food is terrific and the atmosphere makes Indian dinners feel right at home. It offers vegetarian specialties, as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

The staff is very courteous, friendly, helpful and aware of the various diners’ needs; whether be to relax with friends or enjoy a quite meal for two or engage in business is all okay. Service is very prompt.

best indian restaurants in guangzhou

Bombay Grill Cuisine of India

Add: B-01 Wei Jia Si Plaza, 188 Huang Pu Da Dao Xi Guangzhou

Bombay Grill Cuisine of India in Guangzhou serves mainly authentic North Indian cuisine, as well as various flavors and styles from various parts of India. Pungent and warm spices from all over India are delicately blended to create fantastic dishes for dinners here. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used to tempt guests’ appetite. Thanks to the fresh spices which are prepared each day, every dish boasts its own unique aroma and flavor. Chicken, lamb and beef curries in every level of spiciness are roasted in the Tandoori oven and make great flavor and taste. There are also large selections of vegetarian dishes and all kinds of freshly baked Indian breads served for dinners.

Except for the delicious food, service at Bombay Grill is attentive and professional with dinners’ every need being met.

Taste of India

The cuisine in Taste of India includes the eclectic flavors from all areas of the India. The dishes here are artful blend of exotic ingredients that have its influence from India.

A special tandoor (traditional Indian oven made out of clay) lends the exotic scent and taste to each dish, such as Naan, Seekh Kabobs, Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka. Mouth watering curry dishes and wide-ranging choices of vegetarian dishes meet every need of guests. All dishes are prepared fully flavored with the original sauces and raw spices to give an unforgettable feast to your senses. The chefs here are trained to prepare the food from scratch so that every dish is made fresh and has its own unique taste.

The above are the best Indian restaurants in Guangzhou. You can choose one of them to enjoy your Indian meal as you like.

Note: The above info is updated in March, 2015.

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