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Best Places to Eat Sea Food in Guangzhou

Seafood has always been popular food, for it is rich in protein, low cholesterol, all kinds of trace elements. compared with the meat like chicken and pork, it is better to a person's nutrition and health. Seafood, including raw oysters, lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumber, fish and shrimp eggs, etc., contains the rich in zinc, protein and other nutrients, which are good to people health. Seafood in Guangdong area is quite famous. Many canton cuisine is used the seafood ad the raw ingredient. Here TCT would like to introduce some best places to eat sea food in Guangzhou.

Sheng Gang Wan Seafood Restaurant

• Chinese name: 盛港湾海鲜食府
 •Add: Building 6, 14 Xi Zhu Lan Road, Liwan District (near to Huang Sha Seafood Market)
• Recommended dishes: coconut chicken, salmon, lobster, steamed scallops with garlic, cheese potatoes, fried pancakes with scallion.

Sheng Gang Wan Seafood Restaurant is just sited near the seafood market, which is one of the largest one in China. So the dishes here are in fair price and fresh. You can buy the raw seafood material in the market and then take them into the restaurant to ask the chef there to process for you in reasonable price. Therefore, you may save some money.

The environment in the restaurant is elegant and comfortable with garden design. There is a large dinning hall on the top, where dinners can enjoy the beautiful view of the Pearl River. It is especially beautiful at nights.

New Village of Fishman

Chinese name: 渔民新村
Add: 559-567Yin Bin Road, Dashi Town, Panyu District
Recommended dishes: all kinds of seafood, curry crab, salmon, scallop, roast goose, abalone, snacks, egg tarts, Crispy Durian Cake

Yu Min Xin Cun is known as one of the largest restaurants in Guangzhou to eat seafood. It is decorated gorgeously. And the main menu here is seafood and Cantonese cuisine. There is a street selling fresh seafood beside. You can buy some at seafood street and then ask the chef in the restaurant to cook for you with reasonable price. The cost for per pax is a little expensive companied with other places. 


Sheng's Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 胜记海鲜野味饭店
Add: 228 Changdi Dama Road, Yuexiu District
Recommended dishes: seafood, stewed pigeon, stewed SheueHa with papaya, lobster noodle, etc

Sheng’s Seafood Restaurant was very popular in 1980’s, so is today. The decoration of it is in old-style with nostalgia feelings. The menu is quite abundant in reasonable price. Stewed pigeon is a unique dish here.


Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 东江海鲜酒家
Add: 9 Guangzhou Ave. South, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant is an old food restaurant in Guangzhou city. It remains the high-level of cooking seafood for many years. All kinds of seafood cuisine are offered in this place. Guests can also come here to drinking morning tea. The environment here is great.


Mei Hua Seafood Restaurant

• Chinese name: 美华海鲜酒家
Add: 269 Sanyuanli Ave., Baiyun District

Mei Hua Seafood Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Sanyuanli Ave. It has convenient transportation and is near to the Metro Station. It offers morning tea, lunch and dinners for guests with reasonable price. Roast goose, shrimp, fish, braised eggplant are highly recommended dishes here.


Dongyue Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 东悦海鲜酒家
Add: 5F Jinlilai Building, 138 Ti Yu Dong Road, Tianhe District
Recommended dishes: seafood, chicken, Cream Custard Bun, dim sum

Dongyue Seafood Restaurant is a high-end Cantonese restaurant, with palatial hall and luxury decorated private rooms. Cantonese cuisine are fine and delicious and the service is impeccable. But the price is more expensive,


Donghai Seafood Restaurant

Chinese name: 东海海鲜酒家
Add: 3F Zhongxin Square, 233 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District

Donghai Seafood Restaurant is a top Cantonese restaurant in the city. It offers authentic Cantonese cuisine. It mainly serves seafood cuisine. But the price is a little bit expensive compared with other places. In addition, this restaurant is located in Guangzhou East Railway Station. If you are going to take a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong in the afternoon, you can enjoy your lunch here first before you get on the train.


Shufeng Seafood Restaurant

• Chinese name: 顺峰海鲜酒楼
Add: Peninsula Yacht Club, 81 Bin Jing Dong Road, Haizhu District
Recommended dishes: stewed dace balls, stewed SheueHa with papaya, dumplings with shrimp stuffing, fried radish cake with XO sauce, seafood, Cream Custard Bun

Shunfeng Seafood Restaurant specializes in Shunde Cuisine and seafood. The gourmet offers in the restaurant focus on original taste and flavour of ingredient. The dim sum here is also great. Service here is quite and considerate. The interior environment is elegant. Dinners can catch the beautiful view of the Pearl River in some private rooms.

The above are some recommended places to eat sea food in Guangzhou. You can take it as reference. As seafood cuisine is very popular in Canton area, you must try it while touring there.

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