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Best Things to Do for Kids in Guangzhou

Planning a family trip with kids to Guangzhou? As a metropolis in China, Guangzhou has killer views from one of China's tallest skyscrapers to various of interesting parks, safari parks, water parks, amusement parks, and of course, as well as a various of delicious food. You can always get surprise. So no matter what brings you and your families to Guangzhou, here are some great places to enjoy with the kids.

Enjoy Family Time in Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is famous park in Guangzhou that has beautiful view, nice carp-filled lakes, bamboo groves, Five-Ram Sculpture, the five-story Zenhai Tower, and also is equipped with child-friendly entertaining facilities and service. There is a special “Children’s Paradise” amusement zone for kids to have fun. This park is a good place for kids to run around while taking in some fresh air. Enjoy family time in Yuexiu Park is definitely one of best things to do for kids in Guangzhou.

Get Soaked at Chimelong Water Park

It is one of the parks inside Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Park. It is not only well-known in China but also all over the world. The park boasts the largest wave pool and the most popular rides like “Tornado” and “Behemoth Bowl”. In addition to various top water rides, the water park also features several rides for children. There are more than 50 family-friendly facilities and close to 1,000 water sprinkles in the Kid’s Aqua Plaza. Kids will have much fun playing on the Family Slide which was specially designed for families.

Noted that Chimelong Water Park is closed from late October to early April in the next year, which is late autumn and winter time in China. It would be a little cold to play water rides during this period of time.

Watch Chimelong International Cirus

Chimelong International Circus has the world’s largest circus arena and the largest line-up of circus shows. you may catch a chance to see the fantastic Changlong International Circus after dinner. You will feel fully relaxed, both physically and mentally. The circus elite performers spare no effort in their rehearsals as a gesture to welcome you. More than 300 elite circus performers from over 20 countries covering Asia, Europe, American and Africa share the same stage with as many as 40 species - totalling more than 500 - of exotic rare animals to showcase the spectacular magical and lovely performance for visitors.

Chimelong International Circus is regarded not only the world’s largest circus arena but also the world’s most advanced circus arena. The kids will definitely enjoy the performance. Watch Chimelong International Cirus is definitely the favorite thing for kids in best things to do for kids in Guangzhou.

Visit Chimelong Paradise

Chimelong Paradise is the largest amusement park in China with 70 rides. It boasts roller coasters and carnival rides as well as paddle boats to rent and take out on the artificial lake for those seeking a quieter adventure. The park is a great place to spend a fnuny day with kids of all ages. Parents with younger kids can take little ones for a paddleboat ride on the park’s man-made lake or play other facilities in Kids' Land, while older kids would love zipping around on the all kinds of winding roller coasters in the park. Visit Chimelong Paradise is also a must in best things to do for kids in Guangzhou.

Watch Animals in Chimelong Safari or Guangzhou Zoo

Zoo or Safari Park is a great place to go with kids. It is perfect places to introduce all kinds of different animals in the worlds, and kids are always curious and enthusiastic about animals. In Chimelong Safari Park or Guangzhou Zoo,

Chimelong Safari Park is the largest wild animal theme park in the world, with over 20000 rare animals and a total area of 1333340 square meters. Except for the various lovely animals, there are also a lot of activities for kids to explore in the park. The park has also fully upgraded its top three exhibits: the “Jurassic Trail” - the world’s most realistic and dynamic dinosaur park, the “Snake Trail” - the world’s top multimedia yet original ecological snake theme park, as well as the “Rainforest Encounter” where you can experience walking through a primary rainforest.

Guangzhou Zoo is also a good place to enjoy leisure time with animals. There are more than 450 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, and other kinds of animals from this country and all over the world. Many of them belong to exotic animals in the world. If you thinks the entrance fee is to high for Chimelong Safari Park but you still want to spend some time with you kids in a zoo, Guangzhou Zoo is a good choice.

Ride the Bubble Tram at Canton Tower

The bubble Tram ride is located 1,493 feet off the ground on top of the Canton Tower, making it the highest of its kind in the world. This ride is set for those who are looking for great challenge If the dizzying heights of the tram are a little too scary for you or your kids, you can alternately enjoy stunning views of the city from the less-harrowing observation decks. Ride the Bubble Tram at Canton Tower is one of the best things to do for kids in Guangzhou.

Canton Tower

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