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Dunhuang Railway Station

Dunhuang Railway Station is located at Mogao Township, 4.5 km away from Dunhuang Downtown, the south of it just facing the road leading to Mogao Grottoes. It is under the administration of Lanzhou Railway Bureau. Built in 2006, it is the end destination of Lanzhou -Xinjiang Railway’s breach line, 1133 kilometers away from Lanzhou.
 Dunhuang Railway Station
Basic Information of Dunhuang Railway Station
English Name:
Dunhuang Railway Station
Chinese Name:
Mogao Township, 4.5 km away from Dunhuang Downtown
Built Time:
10865 square meters
Dunhuang Railway Station
The whole railway station’s architecture is in cruciform symmetry, with "Han and Tang Rhyme " as the architectural style conception, using the Dunhuang Grottoes, towers, walls of the sloping walls, and large roof of Han and Tang frescoes as the architectural elements.
The station construction area is ​​10,865 square meters, with two platforms, eight arrival-departure tracks. It can hold passenger capacity of 8,000 people.
The Dunhuang Railway Station is the hub and gateway to tourism development in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. It is the second largest after the train station next to Lanzhou station. Dunhuang Railway is the only special travel railway in Gansu province. It will also become the first section connecting Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Railway, an important part of the main frame of Northwest Region in China.
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