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Dunhuang Liuyuan Railway Station

Located at the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, Liuyuan Railway Station in Dunhuang is to 1067 kilometers away from Lanzhou Railway Station and 825 km from Urumqi Railway Station, belonging to the Urumqi Railway Bureau’s jurisdiction. It is now the second class station in China.
 Liuyuan Railway Station
Basic Information of Liuyuan Railway Station
English Name:
Liuyuan Railway Station
Chinese Name:
Urumqi Railway Bureau
Grade of the Station:
2nd Class
Passenger Service:
Passengers’ alighting and boarding; Luggage, Package Shipping
Cargo Service
automobile logistics, less-than-carload freight, container goods
In 1958, Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway passed by Liuyuan, hence the name-Liuyuan Railway Station. Liuyuan belongs to Gansu in territory, and the passenger throughput is mainly taking Dunhuang as the destination, but its transportation business is under the jurisdiction of the Urumqi Railway Bureau. It is a rather peculiar station. Liuyuan to Kumul section is mainly transport fuel coal; Liuyuan to Wuwei section are mainly electrical train. Trains usually stop at this station 5 to 10 minutes’ longer than other train stations. It is also the first stop into Gansu from Urumqi.
Liuyuan Railway Station
Because of the popularity and influence of Dunhuang, on July 1, 2000, Liuyuan Railway Station was renamed Dunhuang Railway Station, which is the furthest station away from the city (Jiuquan) in China. But after Dunhuang railway opened, Dunhuang built a new railway station. From January 1, 2006 onwards, the original Dunhuang Railway Station had been regain the origin name - Liuyuan Station.