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Best Places to Visit in Dalian

When travel to Dalian, Where are the Best Places to Visit in Dalian? As one of the most beautiful costline cities of China, Dalian has abundant natural and marine resources, and has so much to offer. TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some of the famous places in Dalian for you, like the Tiger Beach Ocean Park and Nature History Museum, to find you the way to explore the inner beauty of this seaside city. Besides, you can also enjoy a stroll along the winding alleys or have a short visit to the Peopole Square to get closer to local lives, etc.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Located on the mid-sec of Dalian South Beach Resort, Tiger Beach Ocean Park is the largest modern ocean amusement park in China with a coastline stretches over 4,000 meters. Covered an area of 1.18 million square meters, it is a theme park that renowned for its fine soft beach and other biological sightseeing resources.
Tiger Beach Ocean Park
There are four main exhibition halls/parks in this park, which are Coral Hall, Marine-Polar Hall, Artifical Birdhouse and Stone Carving Park.

Coral Hall is the largest marine creature museum in Asia that exhibiting the varied coral reef communities.

In the 3-level Marine-Polar Hall, visitors may have chance to see many kinds of marine animals and creatures that living in North Polar, like the pigeons, white whales, sea lions, etc. A "360 degree aqua experience" is equipped in the bottom level of the park, in which visitors can experience life under the sea from every angle.

Nature History Museum

Dalian Nature History Museum is the largest museum in China of its kind. Builting in a modern European-style, this building, with more than 200,000 specimens on animal and plant, has a built-up area of 15,000 square meters. The museum we see today is the new museum.
Speciamen in Dalian Nature History Museum
The old museum was a typical Tsarist-Era-Russian-style building that established during the 19the century. In 1997, it was listed as one of the National key cultural relics protection construction.

In 1998, the new musem was opened to public. The new museum is focusing on marine lives and persisting on the conception of 'human beings and nature'. Visitors can find varied specimens of large marine mammals, dinosaurs and forest animals of northeastern China.

Jinshi Beach National Holiday Resort

Jinshi Beach National Holiday Resort is one of the most popular seaside holiday resorts in northern China, which located 58km to the east of Dalian downtown.

Jinshi Beach National Holiday Resort

Located by the Yellow Sea in the southeast, it has a coastline that stretches over 30km, is renowned for its mild microclimate, fine soft beach and oddly-shaped rocks which enjoys the superlative craftsmanship of nature. This resort is also knwnown as the Geological Museum of China.

The the eastern peninsula is considered the most splendid and attractive sightseeing spot in the resort, where geological wonders that formed 600,000 to 300,000 years ago extended along the 8-kilometers-long coast line.

Bangchui Island

Bangchui Island Scenic Area is another well-kmown beach resort that located in the southeast side of Dalian city, 5km away from downtown. Surrounding by evergreen mountains on the three sides, it faces the vast Bohai Sea, and is also a superb swimming bay. As a “Bangchui” like (a tool to dry the clothes by pounding) island is lying on the sea that 500meters off the sea shore, this area hance the name.

Bangchui Island

In this scenic area, tourists can enjoy diverse range of attractions both natural and manmade, like islets, scenic hills, cliffs and fine seaside holiday resort that with white sand beaches, clear water and gentle waves.

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