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Dalian Natural History Museum


No.40 Xicun Street, Heishi Reef, Shahekou District, Dalian 116023, China.

Reasons to visit

Rock and Palaeontological specimen museum.

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00am - 4:30pm (closed on Monday)

Dalian Natural History Museum (Chinese name: 大连自然博物馆) is the largest museum of natural history in China, with the most advanced display means. It has comprehensive museum with collections of geology, prehistoric life, animal and plant specimen, research, exhibition. Dalian Natural History Museum was established early in 1907, and in 1995 it was moved to beautiful Heishi Reef seashore, then reopened to the public in 1998, with an area of 15,000 square meters. The architecture of new museum is built in modern European style.

The new museum focuses on marine lives and stresses the theme of 'human beings and nature. You will find that over 200,000 specimens are on display at new Dalian Natural History Museum, of which more than 6000 pieces of specimens are quite rare, such as the black whale with exposed ridges and the fragrant shale of more than 40 tons. The hall of dinosaurs is recommended for those who like prehistoric animals. 


History of the Museum

The predecessor of Dalian Natural History Museum was the "Geological Survey", founded by Japanese "South Manchuria Railway Company" in 1907 when it took occupation of Northeast China. After the 1923 the survey had a large collection of natural specimens and data throughout the Northeast China, showroom was set to display mainly display rock and minerals and parts of prehistoric life specimens, and indicate the origin, reserves, mining value and uses of the specimens. They were only showed to a few elites in Japan. In 1995, in order to protect natural and cultural heritages, the municipal government decided to move the old museum to a new location and built a new museum. In October, 1998, the new museum was completed and opened. The new museum is located in the scenic seaside Heishi Reef, surrounded by sea by three sides. The construction area of it cover area of 15,000 square meters, of which 10000 square meters is exhibition area. The new building is constructed in typical modern European-style. Blue roof looks harmonious with sea, blue sky and white clouds around it, pleasant and beautiful.

The new museum is equipped with multimedia computer, big screen TV, and central air conditioning, building automation facilities, security monitoring amenities and other high-tech hardwares, creating a convenient and comfortable environment for visitors. In addtion, there are multi-purpose hall in addition, there for the audience to rest and watch the sea lounge for academic seminars and other cultural activities, as well as shops, restaurants and other service facilities. Dalian Natural History Museum is a new look warmly welcome friends from all circles at home and abroad. 

Collections in the Museum

Dalian Natural History Museum has a variety of specimens of nearly 200,000, more than six thousand pieces of rare specimens, and a 264 other pieces of collections. The collections feature marine biological specimens and "Jehol Biota" fossil specimens, including 20 kinds of sea animals specimens, whose types and quantity are both the largest in the country. Specimens of large whales, dugongs, dolphins, giant panda, golden monkey, echidnas, platypus, crested ibis, bird of paradise, hummingbirds and the oldest animal fossils are quite precious even in the world. Specimens of black whale has a length of 17.1 meters, weighing 66.7 tons, being the largest black whales shape specimens in Asia. Specimen of finfish has a length of 18.4 meters, weighing 34.7 tons, being the only finfish shape specimens in China. Ancient lotus seeds collected in the museum have been buried for 821 to 1251 years, but can still germinate and grow after being cultivated. The museum also holds sets of specimens of insects from Taiwan Province, and lots of insect specimens and rock samples from other countries, including Germany, Japan, Korea, the Soviet Unio, etc.

Travel Guide

【Recommended time to stay】: 1 to 2 hours
【Official Website】: http: www.dlnm.org/english/index.html
【How to get there】: Taking a taxi would be the most convenient way to get there. You can also take Public Bus 801, 523 to get off at Natural History Museum Station, or take 23, 28 , 202, 406, 901 to Hei Shi Jiao Station.

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