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My Trip to Xiamen in 2012 April

Post Time: Apr 11 2012 By Vanessa Li

It was a really good choice to have a China spring tour. I just got a chance to have a trip to Xiamen in 2012 April. For me, a person who have not seen the sea for more than 20 years, it was sooooo great to get touch with the sea!
Xiamen, a city surrounded by the sea, is a popular travel destination located in Fujian Province, the southeastern China. I just need to say I really really really love this city, the mild temperature, the bright sunshine, the blue sea, the clean sky, the friendly local people, the bright pearl Gulangyu Islet, the convenient transportation, all of these let me know that there is a dreamland in my heart called – Xiamen.
Day 01 - March 28, from Guilin to Xiamen
Arrival Xiamen in the mid-day after a bout 3 hours flight from Guilin. I just couldn’t fall in love the the sunshine in Xiamen. Mild sea breeze tapped my face. But I could not ignore the high temperature. Could you understand the feeling that a person wearing a coat and a pair of thick jeans in a city with 27. Without any hesitation, I just needed to check in and change my winter coat to summer dress.
We just had a very free itinerary. Just visited Xiamen University, South Putuo Temple and Hulishan Fort, and then went to the famous food street Zhongshan Road.
Taken a taxi from the city center to the Xiamen University located in the south of Xiamen City. 20 minutes later, we arrived in the entrance of this famous university. For me, a person who had graduated for only 1.5 years, the campus was an attractive site for me. Walked in the university, I just remembered my life in university. At that time, we hurried to get to the classroom for a lesson; we were joyful to join in the students acidities; we talked with teachers as friends; and we hated the dishes cooked in the canteen but had to eat every day. Yes, school time was one of the most fantastic periods in our life. 
xiamen university
xiamen university
xiamen university
During our visiting, it was 2:30 p.m., many students were on their way to the classroom. Also, students who have no class were on their way to the library, to student activates centers, or just had a walk along the lake.
Went through the Xiamen University, we saw the famous Buddhism temple in southeastern China – South Putuo Temple. This site was in an improvement project so that we haven’t paid a deep visit to it. 
south putuo temple
south putuo temple
Go to the next destination – Hulishan Fort. We just went the street along the Xiamen University. Without any preparation and prediction, I say the most exciting thing for me – the seaside and the blue sea!!!
Wow! The soft sands! The blue sea! The clean sky! The sea breeze! All of these were appeared in front of my eyes immediately! After our research on the map, we had known that this is a site called Xiamen White City seaside. And Hulishan Fort was located in this area.
It might be a really fantastic thing to see the sunset on the seaside. We arrived in this seaside in 4 p.m.. Sitting in the seaside for 2 hours was a joyful thing for me. Just sitting there, to think about something when faced to the sea, without disturbs from the noisy world, only the sea, the ferry, the wave sound.

The final destination – Zhongshan Road
Taken a taxi from the White City Seaside within 20 min, we arrived the most famous pedestrian street of Xiamen – Zhongshan Road. 
We dealt with our dinner in one of the most famous local restaurant called Huang Ze He Restaurant. It is one of the old brands in Xiamen which sell the local food such as Shacha noodle, fried oyster, and the most popular one peanut sweet soup. Built in 1945, Mr. Huang Ze He began his shop located in No. 22 Zhongshan Road.
Day 02 - March 29, a whole day in Gulangyu Islet
The second day we began our tour to Gulangyu Islet. After lunch, we used one of the most convenient transportation vehicles – BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Without any annoyed waiting time, it was a fast public transfer tool for us to save money, only 0.5 RMB from our hotel to Gulangyu port.
I just summarized some top things to do in Gulangyu Islet:
Paying a visit to the sites in it such as Sunlight Rock Scenic Area, Shuzhuang Garden, Piano Museum, etc.
Shuzhuang Garden
piano museum
Collecting stamps of the shops in the islet: Each shops of Gulangyu Islet will offer tourists a stamp of their shop logos.

Buying the famous souvenirs Xiamen Gulangyu pancakes back. I just deep loved this pancakes because of it excellent tastes. 

► Taking a photo with Zheng Chenggong State

Day 03 and 04 – Mar 29 and 30, in Xiamen International Exhibition Center
Although the next two days, we just had to take a meeting in Xiamen, I still kept in a joyful mood because I was still close to the sea.
During the night of 30th, I couldn’t help going to Gulangyu again to finish my fare ware to it. The nigh view of the sea was totally different. 

Day 05, Depart from Xiamen and back to Guilin
Xiamen, a city surrounded by the sea, Fare ware!

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