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My happy birthday with Top China Travel

Post Time: Mar 31 2012 By Maggie Qin

Thanks for the TCT members celebrate my birthday on such a lovely day. They are just like the family members to me and I love them. 

And here is the lovely birthday cake (Chocolate cake-my favorite) they prepared for you. Isn’t it nice-looking and tempting? Why the way, it also tasted really great~! Love it so much!

I enjoy the day very much, and it’s really a memorable birthday!

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Maggie Qin

Maggie Qin

Position:Travel Consultant

I am a person who loves traveling and making friends. Because traveling let me know so much knowledge of cultures, customs, geography etc. The most important thing is I can make many new friends thought traveling. My major is tourist English, so I am proud of being a member of TCT. Working as a sales representative is full of challenges, I still can be satisfied when I help people who are fond of travel to discuss about their China tour. Try to meet all requirements from you on travel facet makes me feel happy.

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