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Shopping in Shuhe Ancient Town

Location: located 4km to the northwest of the Lijiang Ancient Town
What to buy: wax printing, silver jewelery, dress and personal adornment, national handicraft
 Mosuo Scarf
Shuhe Ancient Town lies in the core position of all the scenic spots in Lijiang. It is the pivotal point of visiting Lijiang Old Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake and First Bend of the Yangtze River. The optional varieties for shopping in Shuhe Ancient Town are little different from Lijiang Old Town, however, compared to the bustling Lijiang Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town is cleaner and shopping in this town is relatively much cheaper. Silver jewelry is making in front of the shop; and there are some storefront presenting live reeling silk; and the handmade leather goods are satisfied here. The Four Square Audition Plaza is a specialized shopping area in this ancient town, concentrating most of the shops inside this ancient town.

"Dali Duan Family Dyehouse " is so famous in Shuhe Ancient Town. In front, it is the shop; and at the back, it is the workshop. In the big dye vat, you can see the dark blue dye. The dyed clothes are hanging on a bamboo pole stretching with the wind. The girls who come here must stop her footsteps because she is attracted by the cheap prices and various kinds of dyed clothes.

What to buy in Shuhe Ancient Town

• Shuhe Leatherware
Shuhe has reputation of "leatherware of the township". According to legend, Shuhe leather industry ancestor is famous Ming empire cobbler. He was banished to Yunnan because he made a lantern-shape shoe that was falsely accused alluding to Ming emperor queen's big feet (in ancient time, tiny feet were regard as beautiful) and then went to Lijiang Shuhe. Since then leatherware thrived at the foot of the snow mountain of the northwest Yunnan plateau.
• Mosuo Scarf
Mosuo hand-woven scarf is woven by the colored cotton and has short tassels in the edge. Scarf itself also has varied color in decorative pattern, main colors are dark grey purple and green color, are generally two kinds of color or a variety of colors woven together, become a big squares or stripe pattern, small squares or pure color, with a different color draw the outline of the edge, simple but elegant and generous, warm, thick fabric which is very practical item in spring and autumn.
 Mosuo Scarf
• Silver Jewelry
Lijiang snow silver in northwest Yunnan area is very famous and also has a long history. Walking into the ancient city randomly, all sorts of silver shop is enough to make a person dazzling. Naxi and Bai ethnic craftsmen have good workmanship, the exquisite style and fine workmanship is really amazing.
 Mosuo Scarf
• Famous and Precious Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials
Due to the advantaged geography, there are quite a lot of famous and traditional Chinese medicinal materials growing here, like worm grass, gastrodia elata, and snow lotus. Worm Grass is one of the famous products in Lijiang snowy plateau, also known as Cordyceps. Its tonic and therapeutic function exceeds the ginseng and cartialgenous; however, its price is very expensive, nearly forty thousand yuan per kg of top grade price.

Shopping in Lijiang

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