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Shopping in Lijiang Old Town

Location: in central Lijiang City, Yunnan Province
What to buy: Lijiang special local product, Naxi mural, national handicraft

Lijiang Old Town is a major commodity distribution center in northwest Yunnan and handicrafts origin. Therefore, the specialty of the southwest area can be purchased here. In the centre of Lijiang Old Town, there is a nearly 6 acres of square market, surrounded by neat shops, commonly known as the "Square Street", which is Lijiang's most traditional shopping bazaar.
Dongba Tapesty
Tourists who like the collection of murals are recommended to buy local Naxi murals, which are very worth collecting. Those murals can be drew with Naxi pictograph according to the tourists' requirements, which can be used to furnish and decorate. After going to Lugu lake and experience the mosuo flavor, also can buy some local specialty here.

What to buy in Lijiang Ancient Town

• Dongba Tapesty
Lijiang Dongba Tapestry is ethnic handicrafts of the national minority Naxi Nationality in Yunnan Province. It is made of local high quality fine wool which is fine woven. The tapestries mostly has yellow-white wool as background, been plotted with patterned black wool and constituted by Naxi ancient Dongba calligraphyrich as well as auspicious and beautiful meaning pattern.

Dongba Tapestry which features deep Naxi Dongba culture is not only exquisite and durable, but also has very local ethnic characteristics. It can be used to collect or decorate; it is a work of art which has extremely collectible value. 

• Naxi Mural
The famous "Lijiang mural" was the product of open Naxi society during the Ming Dynasty. Its history has lasted for over 300 years from Ming to Qing dynasties. Late Ming and early Qing Dynasty is the heyday of Lijiang mural, more than five hundred years ago.
• Snow Tea
Lijiang Snow Tea, also known as ground tea or Taibai tea, has White Chrysanthenum petal shape and is white as snow, hence the name. Lijiang Snow Tea, grown in the snowy mountain moss green vegetation zone with 4,000 meters above sea level. It is natural and wild, can't be artificially cultivated.
Bunong Bell
Lijiang Snow Tea is cool and sweet, rich in Thamnolie acid, amino acid, multivitamin and trace elements. It helps produce saliva and slake thirst, clear away heat and toxic materials, nourish yin and moisturize lung. You can drink it with boiling water, also you can slowly chew to treat throat pain.

• Lijiang Cellar Wine
Lijiang Cellar Wine is a locally produced famous wine in Lijiang. According to legend, it has several hundred years of history. This kind of wine selects barley, wheat and broomcorn as raw materials and is brew with spring water from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It is moderately sweet, refreshing and delicious. It is a kind of low degree but high nutritional drink.
• Homespun
In the past because of the traffic inconvenience, Naxi people live a life of self-sufficiency, their weave cloth color is rich, simple, and abound change. In Lijiang ancient city there are many specialized shops sell cloth, some still customized for what customers want, such as tops, dresses, hats, etc.
• Bunong Bell
Bunong Bell is a kind of jingle bell pendant of extremely rich characteristics, with a caravan of. The caravan cultural goods, all is designed by the shopkeeper himself, pure handmade. Delicate and small under the bronze bell system has a circular piece of wood, hand-painted a variety of painting.
Bunong Bell

Shopping in Lijiang

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