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The Most Popular Local Specialty Shops in Lijiang

Spirulina and tea is famous specialty of Lijiang, a lot of specialty can buy in the Lijiang ancient town of specialty shops and can also buy in the large local supermarkets. Here Top China Travel will list several popular local specialty shops in Lijiang for your reference.
The Yak Meat of Naxi Girl (胖金妹牦牛肉)

In Lijiang ancient town there are a lot of beef jerky shops, among them, The Yak Meat of Naxi Girl is the one of the most famous shops. This is the local famous shop selling yak meat and has more chain stores. There are many types of flavors, vacuum packaging, and it is suitable to be the gift. Price is double than other shops in Lijiang ancient town, but its products are authentic and taste very good. I feel dry personally and the meat is chewy.
The Yak Meat of Naxi Girl
The Yak Meat of Naxi Girl

I bought a bowl of spicy yak jerky, it was really hot and spicy, but delicious. The yak meat quality is also very good. Yak jerky in bulk has all kinds of taste, and different taste is also very good. Compared to the beef jerky such as Inner Mongolia dried beef or Tibet dried beef, my impression of The Yak Meat of Naxi Girl is the best.
Address: No.133 Sifang Street, Xinyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

Master Bei’s Tea Stories(贝老爷的茶叶店)

Master Bei’s Tea Stories is a tea shop to advocate the concept of tea ceremony and tea gift boutique for the first time in Lijiang market tea gift boutique. The main products of Master Bei’s Tea Stories are high mountain tea, Pu'er tea, Yunnan black tea, scented tea and tea sets. It is deeply welcomed by many consumers of their superior tea quality, exquisite packaging. No matter from the beginning of the raw material selection or the upper procedure of packaging and putaway, every link is processed attentively and concentrated. You will probably get a discount in the shop. And it is very suitable for as a gift. Master Bei’s Tea Stories has two shops in the ancient city, one is close to the Big Stone Bridge and another beside the Mufu Palace.
Address: Big Stone Bridge Shop—next to Big Stone Bridge, Wuyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan
Mufu Palace Shop—No.100 Zhongyi Lane, Guangyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

Chenghai Lake Visitor Natural Spirulina (程海来客螺旋藻)

In Lijiang ancient town, there are many spirulina stores in several locations. Spirulina is the tiny plant floating on the surface of lake that a naked eye can not see, originated from Chenghai Lake in Yongsheng County. Its appearance under a microscope is the turquoise and not branched filiform, like a coiled spring, so the name is called spirulina. In Yongsheng, Yunnan Chenghai Lake is currently one of the world's three largest freshwater lakes that grow natural spirulina in the world after the central African Lake Chad, Mexico Lake Texcoco.
Address: Yanliu Road, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

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