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Special Souvenir Shops in Lijiang

Inside Lijiang ancient town there are a lot of extremely rich characteristics of small shops, and some beautiful objects are the best gift to friends, as long as you have enough patience, you can find all kinds of things that make you fondle admiringly in the city.
Dongba Paper Work 东巴纸坊

Dongba paper, just as its name implies, refers to the paper for copying Dongba scriptures. Dongba paper has very strong toughness; reportedly paper used in the Buddhist scriptures is Dongba paper. It is said that Dongba paper will not rot for a few hundred years. This shop has rich variety, the showcase displays a lot of stickers, notebooks, card, envelope, and bookmarks made of Dongba paper, and there are books introduced the Dongba culture. In the shop there is a lot of hand carved personality stamps made by shopkeeper for tourists to seal, even if you don't buy the items in the shop, also you can ask to stamp.
 Dongba Paper Work
Dongba Paper Work
Address: No.179 Cuiwen section of Xinhua Street, Lijiang Ancient Town
Opening Hour: 8:30-00:00

A Xia Li Camel Bell Shop 阿厦丽驼铃店

There are various of camel bells of different size in the shop. In general, the bells are expensive. The camel bells hanged board with Dongba characters (Naxi pictographic characters). The camel bells in the shop are beautiful, but the price is not cheap and it is hard to get discount.
A Xia Li Camel Bell Shop
A Xia Li Camel Bell Shop
Address: No.64 of Qiyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town

Bunong Bell 布农铃

Drifting Bunong in 1995 rode a horse trekked along what is known as the Yunnan-Tibet Tea Horse Road to Lhasa, which lasted more than three months, traveled more than 1900 kilometers. Horse bell was dumb and lonely all the way, he picked up two pieces of wood to draw the Lancang River and Meili snow mountain, respectively fasten on the horse bell and his chest. And the bell with board was being bless by 9 living Buddha by the consecration ceremony so he kept a bon voyage. Later he used precious wood from Hengduan Mountains, and his bell known as the "Bunong bell". The ring of bell has been gone with the wind to dozens of countries in the world, to bring peace and prosperity for the people, and it became a great cultural landscape of Yunnan Tibet line. Every bell was hanged a piece of Lijiang scenery painted wood by Bunong, on the back with the poetic images of text; and the bells can be divided into manual and machine-made, each bell's voice is different. The bell is also divided into bronze bell, antique brass bell, auspicious bell hung at home, and peaceful bell hung in the car or bags...Bunong Bell Shop located in the Big Stone Bridge in Sifang street is the only one in Lijiang old town, also has no branch throughout the country; And there are also a total of only four shops all over the world in addition to Lijiang, Kolkata in India, Kathmandu in Nepal and Athens in Greece.
Bunong Bell
Bunong Bell
Address: Big Stone Bridge, Sifang Street

Dongba Pottery Shop 东巴陶斋

Pottery shop is next to the longicom shop with different shapes of pottery, and the room is full of clay handicraft that has distinguishing feature hangs on the wall. Everything there let a person fondle admiringly, each work do not seem to pay attention to detail, but pay more attention to whole, which is an abstract freehand brushwork of traditional Chinese painting techniques. The products there are high cost-effective, full wall is very characteristic of clay crafts and rarely seen in other shops of the Lijiang ancient town. What's inside is very delicate and very beautiful.
 Dongba Pottery Shop
Dongba Pottery Shop
Address: No.72 Lane, Guanyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town

Carpenter Che’s Wooden Fish Bell 车木匠木鱼铃

Wooden fish bell is the permanent mascot of Lijiang Naxi, and it represents family, safety, auspiciousness, health, and happiness. The shopkeeper is the world intangible cultural heritage heir Che Fumin. The wooden fish is handmade craft which shows delicacy, fine and smooth.
Address: No.8 Middle of Xingren, Wuyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

Gu You Tian Xia (Lijiang Original Music) 鼓友天下

All the drums of Gu You Tian Xia are imported, they came from Thailand, Indonesia and Africa. And more touching than the drum is the shopkeeper Yin Fang. He is the originator of Lijiang disc and drum shop, who has ever been selling maps, setting up stalls, singing in bar, opening bar, and opening a restaurant. Finally he found that only flat drum can entrust his everything, so when you come to Lijiang, let him to teach you to play a tambourine!
Address: No.36 Xinyuan Lane, Guangyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town, Lijiang, Yunnan

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