Mantis Fist

Mantis Fist, or Tanglang Chuan, is one of the most famous traditional Kung Fu style in China. It is a kind of pictographic boxing, and also one of the four most famous fist form styles in Shandong. Mantis Boxing was the cohesion of the advantages of a lot of martial schools in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty.

Origin of Mantis Fist

Mantis Fist was created by Wang Lang during the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, with a history of more than 300 years. It is said that Wang Master observed the movement of mantis, absorb its manner with the fast movements, and created the Mantis Fist.

Practice Mantis Fist is very good for health. Originated from Yantai. Mantis Fist has a high value on improving learners' health. In the past, it was the most popular in the cities of Laiyang in Yantai and Qingdao. It's a well-known fact that Mantis Fist originated from Yantai. Gradually this kind of fist spread far and wide all over China. Now Mantis Fist has spread all over the world.

Mantis Boxing

About Mantis Fist

•6 aspects of Spirit of Mantis Fist:
Body movements, Consciousness, Qi, Strength, Variety of techinique

Pay attention to the 6 aspects when practice, they will take you to a higher level, which means your internal and external practice will became more harmonious.

•Basic principle:
Swift, steady, exact and varied

•The main movement of Mantis Fist:
Yuhuang Movement: a unique movement of Mantis Fist. It is featured at keeping an energetic state to shoot like a strong and fast arrow on the bow.

single sword, double swords, stick, spear and etc.

Mantis fist

Schools of Mantis Fist

Mantis Fist can be divided into north and south mantis fist. The North Mantis Fist was created by Wang Lang in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, while the South Mantis, also known as Zhou Family Mantis Fist was created by Zhou Ya Nan in Qing Dynasty.

North Mantis Fist Master observed mantis, and created hook, hug, pick, hang, diao, winding, splitting, smooth and many other techniques by imitating mantis. The South Mantis Fist’s techniques are quite different from the north’s, but similar to other South Fists’ technique.

Mantis Fist is mainly popular in Jiao Dong District of Shandong Province. The schools of Mantis Fist are mainly Tachi, Seven Stars, Plum Blossom and Liu He.

Shaolin Mantis Fist is one of the orthodox fist form style in Shaolin temple. It is emphasis on nimble of the attack of elbow and the movements of the fist are changeable. It is a very useful fist style both for heath and self-defense.

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