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Chinese Lunar Calendar

Chinese Lunar Calendar is traditional Chinese calendar. Calendar that is based on the moon's orbit around the Earth are known as lunar calendar (Yinli in Chinese), and Solar calendar (Yangli in Chinese) is another category of calendars that are based on the positions of the Sun through the seasons.

The Agricultural Calendar is an integrated lunar-solar calendar as it embraces the movement of the moon as well as that of the Sun. In ancient time, observation of moon phases is a convenient way to count the days. For example, new moon goes to first quarter and then to the full moon and last quarter, next it returns to the new moon. Months in the Agricultural Calendar start with a new moon, which occurs when the moon and the Sun move to the same longitude on the ecliptic.

Chinese lunar calendar

Although Chinese authority firstly adopted the Western calendar in 1912, Chinese Lunar Calendar, as one of the most important carrier of Chinese culture, is still widely used among Chinese people. The dates of most of traditional festivals base on Chinese Lunar Calendar. Some countries belonging to Chinese-character cultural circle, such as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam also celebrate the traditional festivals, such as Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, and so on.

Chinese Agricultural Calendar