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Top 4 Most Famous Hot Pot Restaurants in Beijing

Hot Pot is popular not only in Sichuan area, but also in Beijing area. Beijing Mutton Hot Port, also known as Shuan Yangrou Hot Pot in the city, is especially popular during the winter season, when the city cools down and people are finding a nice hot meal to keep warm. Hot pot is a kind of food in which people can choose vegetables and meats and prepare their own food in a big pot filled with a usually spicy broth. Hop pot restaurants are especially popular for large groups as it creates a collective cooking and eating experience.

Here TCT would like to introduce some top most famous hot pot restaurants in downtown Beijing for you to start your hot pot journey.

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant - 海底捞火锅店

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant is one of the most famous hot pot brands in Beijing area, for it provides authentic Sichuan food. It has different branches in downtown Beijing, including in Wangfujing, Xidan, Mudanyuan, Dutuan Road, etc. what makes dining at Haidilao an exiting experience is its various free services, which makes queuing for the food a pleasure in itself. All diners at Haidilao are entitled to free fruit salad, ice water, shoe shining and nail care, melon seeds, and guests might play cards or chess when they wait. The locations are central and the restaurant itself is stylishly decorated. It really tries hard to offer diners a pleasant dining experience.

  • Address: No.109,7th Floor, Hunqing Building, Xidanbei Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.
  • Chinese Address: 北京西城区,西单北大街,109号西单婚庆大楼,7层.
  • Number: 010-66174063
  • Notice: The Haidiao Hot Pot Restaurant has around ten branches scattered in different districts in Beijing, the address above is the Xidan branch, the one nearest to the Tiananmen Square.
Famous Hot Pot Restaurants in Beijing-Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant

Dong Lai Shun Restaurant - 东来顺火锅店

When refer to hot pot, especially mutton hot pot in Beijing, Dong Lai Shun Restaurant, Beijingers will very naturally think of Dong Lai Shun Restaurant. it is a old-brand restaurant in Beijing, with a history of hundreds of years. It has many different branches in different areas of Beijing, including Qianmen, Wangfujing, Wudaokou, Xin Jie Kou, etc. Mutton hot pot is the signature of it. The quality of the mutton in Donglaishun has strict rules, from the origin and categories of the sheep, the age of sheep to parts of the meat that will serve. The pots in the restaurant are also one of the features, especially the Cloisonne brass pot. The appearance of the pots are decorated with delicate carve patterns, just looks like a work of art.

  • Address: No.44, Dongjiaominxiang Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing.(300 meters south to the national museum)
  • Chinese Address: 北京市东城区东交民巷44号(天安门广场,毛主席纪念堂东南角),国家博物馆南300米
  • Number: 010-65241042
  • Notice: The Dong Lai Shun Restaurant has seven branches scattered in different districts in Beijing, the address above is the Tiananmen Square branch, which is ten-minutes-walking away to the Tiananmen Square.
Famous Hot Pot Restaurants in Beijing-Dong Lai Shun Restaurant

Koufuju Hot Pot Restaurant - 口福居火锅店

Dining in Koufuju Hot Pot Restaurant can give you a reminiscent of old Beijing. It is a typical Beijing hot pot restaurant in town. The essence of hot pot, sugar garlic, mutton and seasoning here are regarded as the best in the hot pot world and has attracted the patronage of many celebrities in China to dine in the restaurant. Since it was opened in 1985, this restaurant has served celebrities in the movie industry and is a favorite of Tony Leung, Chen Kaige, Peter Chan, Sammi Cheng and Carina Lau. Although the price for per person may be a bit expensive, its strong old Beijing flavor and the great service make it worthy. It is a great place to explore your hot pot journey in Beijing.

  • Address: 1st Floor, No.9, Huayuan Street, Zhidixingzuo commercial centre, Xicheng District, Beijing.
  • Chinese Address: 北京市, 西城区, 华远街9号, 置地星座商业中心, 1楼
  • Number: 010-58519066
  • Notice: Kou Fuju Restaurant has seven branches scattered in different districts in Beijing, the address above is the Xidan branch, which is the nearest one to the Tiananmen Square.
  • How to get: you can the to the restaurant by taking metro line 1 or 4, get off at Xidan Station; if you are at Tiananmen Square, you should jump on metro line No.2 from Tiananmen Square Station and chang to line 4 at Xuanwumen inner-exchange station, it will take less than 6 minutes for the whole hassle.
Famous Hot Pot Restaurants in Beijing - Koufuju Hot Pot Restaurant

Longshunyuan Spicy Hot Pot - 龙顺园麻辣香锅

Longshunyuan Spicy Hot Pot is also an old hot pot restaurant in Beijing area. The spicy broth makes the meat or vegetable in the pot taste good. The combination of bamboo shoots, broad vermicelli, dried bean curd sticks and luncheon meats are highly recommended. If you are not fond of spicy food, you can also choose how spicy you like your meal. After dinner, guests are served corn porridge. The branches of it are located in Asian Sports Village, Wangjing Road and Beijing airport.

  • Address: No.2, South Road, Beijing Captial Airport(near the Terminal 3)
  • Chinese Address: 北京,首都机场, 南路2号
  • Number: 010-64573581
  • Notice: Longshunyuan Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant is near to the terminal 3 in Beijing Captial International Airport, if you have some to kill and fancy some Beijing local special, this one is a nice place to go.

The above are some most famous hot pot restaurants in Beijing. Except for them, Xiao Fei Yang, Huang Cheng Lao Ma, Xiao Dong Tian, Jin Shan Cheng hot pot restaurants are also quite popular to the local people. You should not leave Beijing without having had hot pot!


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