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Top Halal Food Restaurants in Beijing

Beijing is one of the most popular cities in China. The cuisine in this city comes from different places all over the world. For those who can only eat Halal food during a tour, finding Muslim restaurants is quite important for them. Here TCT would like to introduce some top Halal food restaurants in Beijing, China, for your reference.

A Thousand And One Nights Restaurant 

ADD: SOLANA Branch Store: No. DS08 of Liangma Food Street in SOLANA, No.6 of Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District
Gongti Branch Store: No.1-4 of Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District
Signature dishes: Humusi Sauce, Tunfisk Salad, Gigot, Aabar Mashed Eggplant, Roast Whole Lamb
Business Hours: 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.

A Thousand And One Nights Restaurant is the first authentic Arab restaurant in Beijing. While entering into the restaurant, you will feel the thick Arab culture breath. The huge sand sculpture door and the glass colored drawing based on the Arab fairy tales "Arabian Nights"; looking from a distance, it is extremely tall, majestic, magnificent, and special. The whole lobby are composed by golden sand sculpture, helical walls, hollow-out arch hanging shed and glittering and translucent crystal droplight with some Arab small adorn articles in the corner; gorgeous and wonderful artical excelling nature.

Roast Whole Lamb is one of the famous dishes in this restaurant. It chooses the scatter-fed little sheep from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, cooked by Muslim halal slaughtering way; both has the color, aroma and taste; making you memorable.

Tumaris Xinjiang Style Restaurant

ADD: 3/F, Fosun International Center, No. 237 of Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Signature dishes: Mutton Shashlik, Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken, Yoghourt, Tumaris Mutton Chop
Business Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Muslim Restaurants with Halal Food in Beijing -
Tumaris Xinjiang Style Restaurant covers an area of more than 2000 square meters; has a total of 400 seats. It mainly operate Chinese Muslim cuisines, Xinjiang food. The raw materials of the food in this restaurant are carefully selected and arranged. There are a variety of delicious, nutrient and healthy dishes here, especially suitable for dinner, leisure and party.

This restaurant has rich western countries' national characteristics and showily elegant European architectural style. Carving and delicate antique decorations can be seen everywhere, looking like seat of chariot, very interesting. Through the bordeaux red vertical curtain aperture, you can lean out of the window to appreciate the scenes outside. Its private rooms are elegant, which can match the decoration design of Turkey palaces; you can not only feel national style, but also realize unique enjoy as a VIP.

Beijing Xi Lai Shun Restaurant

ADD: No.116 of North Xinhua Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Signature dishes: Ma Lianliang Duck, Roast Milk Goat, Marmite Shark Fin, Toast Paste, Chrysanthemum Hot Pot
Business Hours: 11 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Consumption per person: About 50 RMB
Muslim Restaurants with Halal Food in Beijing -
Beijing Xi Lai Shun Restaurant opened in AD 1930. It is an old and famous restaurant mainly selling Muslim cuisines. It is a two floor structure; the first floor and second floor both have extra seats lobby; the second floor has three private rooms. The waiters in this restaurant serve for tens of thousands of Muslim countries' tourists every year using English and Arabic. This restaurant has become a fixed-point unit of city tourism dining.

The dishes in this restaurant are pure and fine fried, and gradually formed their own characteristics; they are known as the representative of "Chinese Muslim cuisine of West Faction ". Its characteristic is using widely material, fine choice of sorting, meticulous cooking and elegant shape. It blends the advantages of Chinese and Western food; it is famous for its insipidity, delicacy and pureness.

Beijing You Yi Shun Restaurant

ADD: No.28 of Huangsi Street in Xicheng District, Beijing
Signature dishes: Chrysanthemum Fish, Roasted Mutton Leg, Fried Sheep Fillet Slice, Spicy Lamb Chops
Business Hours: 10:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Consumption per person: About 55 RMB
Muslim Restaurants with Halal Food in Beijing -
Youyishun Restaurant, established in 1948, is Beijing's famous Muslim flavoured restaurant. Before the establishment of this restaurant, among the Beijing Muslim restaurants, the Peking Eastern House's instant-boiled meat was the represent of the East Faction, the Peking Western House's Muslim home make dish was the represent of the West Faction; these two developed a school of their own. Youyishun Restaurant blends the exquisite dishes of East Faction and the West Faction, forming unique Beijing Muslim style of cooking.

This restaurant has spacious, elegant, comfortable, clean and healthy environment. It reflects rich Islamic characteristics. In Huangsi Street, the appearance of this restaurant is Islamic green top and white wall. The inside decorations are simple and unsophisticated Islamic style carpet, tables and chairs, hanging, calligraphy and painting, light yellow wallpaper and window curtain inlaided with gold thread, and a few pots of green bamboo; this restaurant blends the artificial magnificence and natural flavor ably. The whole restaurant can serve for 300 people at the same time.

Beijing Hongbinlou Restaurant

ADD: No.11 of Exhibition Building Road in Xicheng District, Beijing
Signature dishes: Instant-boiled Mutton、Muslim Roasted Duck in Stove、Muslim Glue Pudding、Muslim Moon Cake
Business Hours: 11 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Consumption per person: About 70 RMB
Muslim Restaurants with Halal Food in Beijing -

Hongbinlou Restaurant was established in 1853, having 152 years of history. It is the prestigious Muslim flavoured restaurant. It was originally located in Tianjin; In 1955, it was invited into Beijing by Premier Zhou. It is famous around the city with its unique food; and it is known as "the first Muslim restaurant in the capital of China” by the gourmet, Muslims and all sectors of the community.

The whole building has three layers; it can accommodate 660 people's dining at the same time. The new party hall is magnificence; each single room has a style of its own with outstanding national characteristics. The dishes here feature in pure taste and beautiful appearance and are giving more attention to the nutrition. Beijing flavoured Instant-boiled Mutton and Muslim Roasted Duck in Stove enjoy universal praise; its Muslim Glue Pudding、Muslim Moon Cake enrich the festival market.

Beijing Wangdelou Muslim Restaurant

ADD: No.26 of Wai Street of Di'anmen in Xicheng District, Beijing
Signature dishes: Braised Mutton With Soy Sauce、Preserved Apricot Beef、Cruded Pancake In Mutton Soup、Boiled Beef-Tongue、Fermented Mung Bean Juice Dried
Business Hours: 11 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Consumption per person: About 60 RMB
Muslim Restaurants with Halal Food in Beijing -
This restaurant is famous for its authentic Chinese Muslim cuisine. This restaurant operates comprehensively. The first floor is for luncheonette and snacks with the screen partition; the second floor is luxurious, the food here are all Muslim cuisine.

The treasure of this restaurant are Preserved Apricot Beef, Braised Mutton With Soy Sauce and Cruded Pancake In Mutton Soup. The Preserved Apricot Beef has soft meat, fragrant and sweet apricot, and bright color; the Braised Mutton With Soy Sauce is soft without the smell of mutton.

The above are some top Halal food restaurants in Beijing, China. If you want try the most famous food in Beijing - Roast Duck, you can go to Quanjude Restaurant or Dadong Restaurant, which are the top 2 places serving authentic Roast Duck in China.

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