Famous Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu

Vegetarian is of many benefits to human’s physical and mental health. Here, Top China Travel will show you famous vegetarian restaurants in Chengdu.

Shu Shi Zuo Vegetarian Restaurant 

Chinese Name: 数拾座素菜馆
Add: No.240, 4th Floor of Yufu Building, Yipin Tianxia Avenue, Yangxixian
Consumption per person: 40 Yuan
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly
Specialized Vegetarian restaurant in Chengdu is a few. Sandwich series are distinctive in this restaurant, pumpkin soup is also good, but seems it has a little bit taste of lavender or the mint. There also provides a spicy hot pot, very hot indeed. The fish there made by flour is really tasty. Chaoshou in here is ordinary, the stuffing is Chinese cabbage. 
Environment of this vegetarian restaurant is pretty good, if some people do not eat meat you can try the dish in this restaurant. The service here is good and the taste of food is delicious.


Jujube Tree Vegetarian Lifestyle

Chinese Names: 枣子树素餐馆
Add: 4F, 27 Qing Long Jie Qing Yang Qu, Chengdu, China
Closed Now: Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Mashed Chinese yam, jujube jelly
The jujube tree (Zao Zi Shu) is homophone for “eating vegetable early” in Chinese. Open the menu, you will find that it is "very thoughtful". In the menu, "raw materials, taste, even creators" are written down in the menu that make people feels like looking menu is like reading a story. When dishes are served on the table, the delicate smell, great look and taste of dishes are not like vegetarian foods whether from visual view or taste, even those flesh-eating customers eat with relish. With quiet environment, delicate foods and satisfactory service, it is really a good vegetarian restaurant. Recommended dishes: Mashed Chinese yam, jujube jelly, Guizhou vegetarian dry pot, black pepper vegetarian steak, blancmange, etc.



Chinese Name: 维根
Add: No.33 Jialing Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China
Consumption per person: 70 Yuan
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun 9:30am-9:30pm
Cuisine: Vegetal dishes
Dishes are delicate, whether vegetable or faked meat diet (all made from flavor), they are all in great look and taste. The waiter attitude is very good, thoughtful and not too much enthusiasm. Waiters’ wearing is in accordance with deportation style, which has distinguishing feature. And there are many living Buddha and the Buddha Masters’ calligraphy on the wall, it is said that the boss of this restaurant is a woman who practice abstinence from meat for many years and create some good karma for herself. The restaurant has many articles that believers donated, and probably you can meet Lama eating in here.
Budhism and Zen theme restaurant is all vegetal dished, although there is some faked meat, in the overall the restaurant is given priority to vegetarian, no tobacco, no aginomoto, so it may feel very "clean". When you want to find a quiet place to relax your mind, just go and sit there.The store locations is far away from noisy, vacant background music, plain and neat dishes, people is always quiet down in a moment when you go there, all things trouble also seemed to be thrown away.


Shan Shui Ge Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 善水阁素食茶馆
Add: No.56 Zijing South Road, Wuhou District
Consumption per person: 50 Yuan per person
It is a vegetarian restaurant, on the first floor is the teahouse; the restaurant is on the second floor. There are only a few tables, other rooms are compartments. The restaurant is quieter with tea table, and furnishing is also very elegant. Elegant environment and well service, it is a good place for friends drink tea and chat, and can enjoy the vegetal dishes. The price is not cheap.
Shan Shui Ge Vegetarian Restaurant

Wenshu Temple Vegetarian Restaurant 

Chinese Name: 文殊院素斋
Add: No.15 Wenshu Temple Street, Qingyang District
Consumption per person: 50 Yuan
Wenshu Temple Vegetarian Restaurant is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Chengdu. Its menu content is very rich, which is presented in "material, spiciness and taste". And the meat dishes are made delicately, from its look and texture, the meat dished made from flour or bean products are very similar to the real meat. The most popular dishes are “spicy chicken nuggets”, "red chili oil dished”, white sesame seeds dishes". Meat made from bean products are "tight", some customers can eat "even the two bowls of rice" with these savory dishes. That restaurant got a run of business -- far more tables than they could handle, so customers sometimes need to wait for seats at noon. But the service is not the best.

The taste of this restaurant is indeed great, even some flesh-eating customers love the dishes there. Sichuan style stew pork (not real pork) in hot sauce and fish (not real fish) braised in soy sauce are very tasty. The latter is better, crisp outside and soft inside, and it has the taste of fish. Also there are monks come in for their dinner.
Wenshu Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

Ching Shui Lian Hua - Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Chinese Name: 清水荷花食坊
Add: 5-3 Guojiaqiao North St, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Chinese
 The flavor of Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is indeed authentic. Spending 110 or so can have a very comfortable and tasty meal! Crispy fiddlehead in sauce, lucky fish, and crystal soup dumpling are too delicious to eat. If you are the first time to eat vegetal dishes there, you can let the waiter recommend what to eat.

Compared with Jujube Tree Vegetarian Lifestyle storefront, Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is more like Xanadu, and the Buddha culture inside is the most distinctive. Close to the door there is a table, at that table is books and materials all about Buddha culture. It is said that all the decoration in the store is all single-handedly decorative by the boss, and staying in this restaurant you can find happy and harmonious atmosphere of love!
Ching Shui Lian Hua - Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Tian Yuan - Countryside Vegetarian

Chinese Name: 田园素食
Add: 2F Xiangbinwutong, 29-1 Chaoyang Rd, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun 10:00am-8:00pm
Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Chinese
Tian Yuan restaurant advocates eating natural, without adding, organic food as far as possible. The dishes there have spicy taste, delicate taste, and have a natural vegetable dishes and imitation meat dishes, which also taste good. Its environment is good and has a sense of pastoral scenery feeling. People can eat and can drink tea, where is fit for family and friends party. The environment is very good, is worth to recommend.
Tian Yuan - Countryside Vegetarian

The above are some famous Vegetarian Restaurants in Chengdu for you to enjoy Vegetarianmeals.