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Zhiren Street Kashgar


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The Zhiren Street or Handicraft Street is the most characteristic place showing the distinctive custom and culture of Kashgar, with many full-time handicraftsmen working on the street and hundreds of workshops and booths alongside.

Zhiren Street is regarded as an exhibition for traditional Kashgar and mid-Asian handicrafts. Copper, metal, porcelain, woodwork, jewellery and other goods are seen to be made here and you will marvel at incredible devices like the wooden objects that prevent babies from wetting the bed.

The Zhiren Street is the most characteristic and unique place showing off the distinctive customs and cultures of Kashgar of Xinjiang. It is regarded as an exhibition hot-spot for the famous traditional Kashgar as well as mid-Asian handicrafts.


The most characteristic of the urban region is Zhiren street, the full name is Wusitangboyi  handicrafts street, it's a bustling narrow lane next to the Id Kah Mosque, about a kilometer long, brought together hundreds of workshops and stalls, is Kashgar and central Asian manufacturing high-quality goods exhibition area. A walk through Zhiren Street is equal to see a Uighur history of folk customs.

Kashgar Zhiren Street is one street of Kashgar and central Asia manufacturing high-quality goods exhibition area. Kashgar Zhiren Street is famous for traditional handicrafts, world-famous exquisite workmanship, and it has a long history. Old street is a bit messy, among gray buildings, besides Uighur restaurants and food stalls, there is the delicately-worked national cap, the ancient national embroidery, the antique woodwork, the resplendent jewelry, the dated pristine crockery, the lofty red copper, the fine workmanship instrument, the rich-colored and soft A De Lai silk… They possess great historical values, are rarely found in other places in the region, and hence become one of the favorite spots of visitors.

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