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Twin Pagoda Temple


Yongzuo Road, Yingze District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.

Reasons to visit

Ancient tower.

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Opening Hours

  • 8:30a.m.~5:30p.m.

Twin Pagoda Temple is located in the southeast Taiyuan, about 4 km away from the Taiyuan City. Originally called Yongzuo Temple, the two great pagodas in this temple were more impressive for people. So people began to call it Shuangta (Twin Pagodas) Temple gradually. With the time past, the Twin Pagodas Temple had replaced the Yongzuo Temple and became famous till now.


The East pagoda was built in 1597, and the West one in 1612. In charge of the pagoda's construction was a high ranking monk, named Fodeng. By the 20th century, the severe weathering that the East pagoda had ensured since construction had caused the pagoda to slant from its center of gravity by 2.87 meters. In 1995, experts set about trying to correct the slant. They removed earth from underneath the pagoda and successfully corrected the pagoda's tilt.


The two pagodas of the Twin Pagoda Temple are the symbol of Taiyuan. Each pagoda is an octagon with 13 stories, almost 55 meters high. They are made entirely of bricks and stone. The exterior was sculptured in the shape of an octagon and decorated with the exquisite flying eaves.

Travel Guide

【Best Time to Go】: The best time to visit the temple is during April for this is the blooming season for the peony trees that have sat here since the Ming Dynasty. These beautiful flowers are said to have been planted during the Ming Dynasty and their beauty indeed makes the old temple more elegant and appealing.
【Get There】: Take NO.802, 812, 873 bus to get there.

Travel Tips

1. During the 18th day of the lunar June, the Climbing Pagoda Festival will be held here. And in the beginning of the lunar April, there is the Peony Flower Festival here.

2. The calligraphy works of the famous ancient artists can be appreciated in the newly building stele forest. Visitors can have a bird’s view when standing on the top of the pagoda.

3. Peony flower are planted in the front yard in this temple so that this site is called "mini Luoyang" in Taiyuan. When flowers are blossoming, visitors will be immersed in this well-smelling garden joyfully.

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