Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park


North of Baogong East Lake, Gulou District, Kaifeng, Henan Province.

Reasons to visit

Ancient architecture; archaistic performance.

Our Ratings

Opening Hours

  • 7:00a.m.~7:00p.m.

The historical "Kaifengfu" once be the geographic name which referred to the capital city of North Song Dynasty. The "Kaifeng City Hall (Kaifengfu)" mentioned today, is the Song Dynasty theme park modeled the original governmental construction, which covers an area of 39, 960 ㎡ in total, building area over 14, 000㎡.
Lined Grand Gate, Yi Gate, the Main Hall and Congress Hall, Meihua Hall as the axle wire, it consists of 9 main exhibition parts: the Kaifengfu Culture Area, Folk Legend Area, Taoism Area and Prison Culture Area, Educational (imperial examination) Area, Entertainment Area and Literary Culture Area, Qianlong Palace Area and Relaxing Area.