Enjoy the Great Wall Helicopter Tour

The Beijing Helicopter Cruising is a very special activity for people who wanna enjoy the majestic view of the Badaling Great Wall and scenery around from a different angle. There are 3 classic cruising routes to choose from to enjoy the Great Wall helicopter tour.

Helicopter Type: R44

Venue: Badaling Airport
Duration: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes(not daily available, needed be checked the operation dates and it depends on the weather condition)

A: 15-min Badallinig Flying Tour

What will you see in such a short 15 minutes Great Wall Helicopter tour?

► bird's-eye view of Badaling Great Wall
► fly from South Peak to North Peak
► fly over Haohan Slope and Beacon Tower, etc. 

Badaling Great Wall

► See the follwoing route:
Beijing Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

B: 30-min Badaling & Guanting Reseroir Flying Tour

Is there any highlights to see if I take this 30-min Great Wall helicopter tour?
► have a panoramic view Badaling Great Wall
► fly over Yeyahu Resort
► enjoy the pleasant view of Kangxi Grassland
► fly across Guanting Reservoir, etc.

► See the follwoing route:

Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

C: 45-min Yanqing Area Flying Tour

What do you expect to see in 45 minutes Great Wall helicopter tour?

► enjjoy the magnificent overhead view of Badaling Great Wall
► low-altitude fly across Ding Tombs
► fly over Dalinggou Scenic Area, etc.

Helicopter Tour

► See the follwoing route:
Beijing Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour


  • The tour will be postponed if the weather not available the very time.
  • People who would like to take this tour should make a reservation 3 days in advance. One helicopter can carry 4 passengers, if you will travel alone, you may have to join the other three passengers.
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Beijing Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

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