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What to do in Chengdu

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, enjoys a titled of “a city of recreations”. Then, what to do in Chengdu? TopChinaTravel would like to introduce some popular activities and entertainments for you to experience Chengdu. You can enjoy the time-honored local operas, or taste the authentic flavors or experience unique Chinese Tea Culture, etc. You have lots to explore of this city, to find you a way to access to the local custom and experience the life here in your own way.

Enjoy the Sichuan Opera

Venue: Inside the Wuhou Temple
Duration: about 2 hours

Sichuan Opera is a type of Chinese opera that originating in Sichuan province. With a history of over 300 years, the impressive performance and the special regional culture made Sichuan Opera a textbook for people to get touch with the past of Chengdu as well as Sichuan Province.

As a renowned local opera mainly prevailing in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, Sichuan Opera is characterized by unique solos, refined performance, percussion instrument and talented comedians.

Taste the Famous Chengdu Hot Pot

Venue: Local restaurants

The big draw of Chengdu is delicious Sichuan Cuisine. Sichuan is famous for its spicy food, and one of its delicacies is the hot pot.

As the name card of Chengdu eating culture, Hop pot will be a “must-try” meal during the stay in Chengdu. Hot pot is very popular in Chengdu and is known for its spicy and hot flavor. The Chengdu Hot Pot is a bubbling cauldron of extremely hot oil and water. Dip your choice of the variety of supplied foods into the pot: meats, vegetables or tofu. It's a very social meal. People sit around to enjoy food and make a long evening out of it.

If you can eat hot food, we highly recommend you to choose this meal when you in Chengdu. Just imagine, use your chopsticks to pick up a meat cooked in the broth, and then, put it into your month with the smell of chili spreads over your mouth, it just a enjoyable thing more than a meal for living.

Have a Tea-drinking

Venue: Shunxing Teahouse
Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Tea-drinking enjoys a history of thousands of years in Chengdu. The recorded tea-drinking history of Chengdu is more than 2,000 years.

Most of the teahouses are distributed in the city’s alleys or parks, they are the ideal recreational places for the locals. Chengdu people use long-mouth kettle to make the tea, and a good tea maker can use it skillfully without a drop spilling out.

Reputed as the “top hundred teahouses in China”, Shunxing Teahouse is a good place to drink a cup of Chinese tea. In this comfortable environment, you can not only find the essence of the tea culture, but also find the mystery of the nature. Besides drinking tea only, people can have great fun in the teahouse by chatting, playing chess and so on.

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