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8 Things Not to Do in Chengdu

Chengdu kindly provide tourists all sorts of opportunities to have fun, no matter for cute pandas, famous attractions or charming culture. Do you also want to know what not to do in Chengdu? For a more comfortable trip in Chengdu, it’s important to search for some useful information before going. Hopefully the top 8 things not to do in Chengdu below may be helpful.


1.Don’t Miss Main Attractions in Chengdu.

Chengdu has both historical sites and human landscapes. Don’t miss the main attractions in Chengdu, which are generally Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu People’s Park, Wuhou Temple and Sanxingdui Museum. Jinli Old Street and Kuan Zhai Alley are also good options, no matter for eating or shopping.

What’s more, you can do some hiking on Qingcheng Mountain, it’s really cool there during summer. If you want to know more about Sichuan Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine Museum will be perfect, you can also experience the whole procedure of cooking, which will be fun. Winter will be a great time for skiing, you can go to Xiling Snow Mountain if like beautiful snow sceneries.

Jinli Old Street


2.Don’t Stay in Chengdu All the Time.

If your schedule is not so tight, don’t just stay in Chengdu all the time. There are also some other attractive places around Chengdu, which are totally worth a visit. Normally, most travelers will choose to have a connecting tour to Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt, Emei. You may need about 2 hours to Leshan. For the most beautiful water sceneries, you should get to Jiuzhaigou Valley, spring and autumn will be great time.

Mt. Emei


3.Don’t Give up the Chance to be a Panda Keeper.

Like all the other visitors, basically you will go to a panda base in Chengdu, watch and leave. Since you’re in the hometown of giant panda, don’t give up the chance to be a panda keeper. If you’re a panda lover, it will be an unforgettable experience for you to join the Panda Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan Base, you can take care of the pandas and know more about them.

Panda Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan Base


4.Don’t Skip Chengdu Hot Pot.

For those travelers who can’t eat spicy food, you don’t have to worry too much about the hot flavor. You also have other options for the soup of the Hot Pot, such as soup of tomatoes or mushrooms. Please don’t skip Chengdu Hot Pot, you will love it so much. The whole procedure of eating Hot Pot is full of fun.

First of all, you can choose the hotpot soup according to your personal taste, it’s great to order the double-flavor hot pot so that you can try two flavors, spicy or not. Second, you can decide how spicy you like, it’s all up to you. For the ingredients, it’s your choice for all the things you love, that is to say, everyone could have what they like. Finally, there are various seasonings for you to choose to mix your own sauce, isn’t it amazing?

Hot Pot


5.Don’t Visit Chengdu at a Wrong Time.

The best time to visit Chengdu will be spring and autumn, normally March to June and September to November. When is the wrong time to visit Chengdu? It must be July and August, for the stuffy weather. Except for the weather, you should also avoid Chinese holidays like Spring Festival (late Jan to Feb) and National Day (first week of October), because every attraction in Chengdu will be flooded by Chinese tourists. By the way, it will also be crowded in summer, because summer vacation for Chinese students is July and August.


6.Don’t Just Shop and Eat.

Chengdu is a great place for shopping and eating, however, don’t just shop and eat in Chengdu, there are still more for you to explore. Watching Sichuan Opera in Chengdu will be a great experience, it’s available to watch in some teahouses, that is to say, you can enjoy a cup of tea and the wonderful performances at the same time. Or you can try the Golden Sand, which is a famous music opera in Chengdu.

Sichuan Opera


7.Don’t Forget to Bargain at Shopping Streets.

If you are shopping along some shopping streets or markets, don’t accept the initial price at once without bargaining. It’s necessary to bargain for a better price, you can find the same item in the next store even if you fail at this shop. Just note that this tip doesn’t apply to big stores and shopping malls.


8.Don’t be in a Hurry to Anywhere.

Chengdu is widely known as city of leisure, and local people here prefer a slower pace of life. Once you’re in Chengdu, don’t be in a hurry to get to anywhere, it’s time for you to slow down your pace and enjoy a relaxing trip. Never schedule too much for one day, instead, take your time to enjoy every moment in this charming city.


Don’t Hesitate to Start Your Chengdu Tour

If you’re looking for a leisurely tour in China, Chengdu is right the place. Except for the above 8 things not to do in Chengdu, you can contact us to know more information about Chengdu. See our sample tours for some good ideas.

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