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How to Plan a Trip to Xiling Snow Mountain

Do know where to go for a winter vacation in Chengdu? Here we recommend you Xiling Snow Mountain for its beautiful sights and interesting outdoor activities, and for you to have a great experience in Xiling Snow Mountain, we offer useful tips for this whole day tour to Xiling Snow Mountain starting from Chengdu and back to Chengdu.

How to Get to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu

Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi county, Chengdu, about 117 km from Chengdu downtown, and it is easily accessible by bus, taxi and private car within 2.5 hours.

By bus (Chengdu-Xiling Snow Mountain)

Metro line 2 to Chadianzi Bus Station-Bus to Xiling Snow Mountain.

Step 1: take Chengdu metro line 2, and get off at Chadianzi Bus Station Metro Station.

Step 2: take direct bus from Chadianzi Bus Station to Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area.

Buses are available at 09:00 AM, and 09: 30 AM, and a ticket costs 38 RMB. And this is the most convenient way and also the economic way for tourists to Xiling Snow Mountain.

By taxi

Considering the distance from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain, the taxi fare would cost about 400 yuan. Going to Xilign Snow Mountain by taxi is recommended to tourists who are in a group of 2-3 persons, due to the high fare.

If you want to book a private tour to Xiling Snow Mountain, we would love to arrange car, driver and tour guide for you.


Xiling Snow Mountain Facts

How to plan a trip to Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain is a famous attraction in Chengdu, especially for winter vacation. Listed as World Natural Heritage, and Key National Scenic Spot, Xiling Snow Mountain is well known to tourists for its natural sights in four seasons, and complete ski resort in winter. Xiling Snow Mountain is 5, 4364 meters high, being the highest mountain in Chengdu, and the peak is covered by snow all year round.

From the end of November to the end of March of next year, Xiling Snow Mountain enters into a snow cover season, and the thickness of snow could reach 60 cm, and forms advantageous conditions for various snow activities, like alpine skiing, and snowmobile.

Best time to visit Xiling Snow Mountain: from the second half of December to March of next year. This time is from snow scenery and snow activities, and the ski resort is also open to tourist at this time.

Open time: 09:00-18:00.

Entrance ticket: 120 yuan for the back mountain, and 30 yuan for the front mountain.

Cable car ticket: 120 yuan for a round trip of Yuanyang Pool Cableway, 120 yuan for a round trip of Ri Yue Ping.


1. All tickets are sold online, and tourists should book tickets online.

2. For snow activities, tourist need to make extra payment. 


Xiling Snow Mountain Highlights

Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into 2 parts, the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain is more suitable to hikers, and the hiking takes 9-12 hours in a distance of 18 km. The back mountain is more popular to touritists, and it consists of several parts, and the most popular ones are Ri Yue Ping, Yuanyang Pool and Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort.

How to plan a trip to Xiling Snow Mountain

Ri Yue Ping. Located at the mountain over 3, 000 meters high, Ri Yue Ping is the best place for tourists watching sunrise, and enjoying the beauty of Xiling Snow Mountain. And there are plank roads and observation decks for tourists. In Ri Yue Ping, if you are lucky, you could see a sea of clouds, and squirrels coming out of nowhere. If tourists like to hike to Ri Yue Ping instead of taking cable car, it may take 2.5-5 hours.

Yuanyang Pool. Located at the hillside, tourists could go to Yuanyang Pool by cable car. Around Yuanyang Pool, there are entertainment projects for tourists, such as the grass-skating field, the ski resort, and the camping base. Moreover, there are many hotels and restaurants offering food and accommodation for tourists.

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort

The ski resort is located at the hillside of the back mountain, at an elevation of over 2,000 meters. It covers an area of about 7 square kilometers, and has many ski runs respectively for primary skiers, intermediate skiers, and advanced skiers. The skiing fare is 120 yuan for 2 hours, and 160 yuan for 3 hours, and one more thing is that you need to pay a guarantee deposit of 800 yuan. There are over 10 snow activities, covering alpine skiing, snowmobile, and the fare of each project is different.


Xiling Snow Mountain Day Tour Itinerary

Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist Map

1 Day tour to Xiling Snow Mountain

Most tourist would like to have a day tour to Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu and considering this, we here have a day tour itinerary for you:

  • Depart before 09:00 AM from Chengdu, and arrive Xiling Snow Mountain before 12:00 AM.
  • Line up and take cable car to Yuanyang Pool (1-2 hours), if you are travelling in a tourism peak, it may need more time.
  • Have fun in the ski resort, and participate in those snow activities. (2-3 hours).
  • Leave before 18:00 and back to Chengdu.

2 Days tour to Xiling Snow Mountain

How to plan a trip to Xiling Snow Mountain
(Ying Xue Lake/ Summer)

A 2 days tour would give you more time to visit more places at Xiling Snow Mountain, and it is also more suitable to hikers and adventurers.

Day 1:

  • Depart before 09:00 AM from Chengdu, arrive Xiling Snow Mountain before 12:00 AM, and check in ( hotels on the mountain are recommended for you).
  • Line up and take cable car to Yuanyang Pool (1-2 hours), if you are travelling in a tourism peak, it may need more time.
  • Have fun in the ski resort, and participate in those snow activities. (3 hours).
  • Have dinner, back to hotel and take a bath in hot spring.

Day 2:

  • Take cable car to Ri Yue Ping, and there are several scenic spots for tourists, such as Hong Shi Jian, Yin Yang Jie. (3- 4 hours).
  • Have lunch and check out.
  • Leave Xiling Snow Mountain and back to Chengdu.

For this afternoon, if you have interests, you could go to Da Fei Shui Scenic Spot  or the front mountain, and have a short tour.

How to plan a trip to Xiling Snow Mountain

Where to stay in Xiling Snow Mountain

In Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area, there are many hotels and guesthouses available at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain and the top or hillside of the mountain. Usually speaking, the price of a hotel at the mountain foot would be much cheaper than that on the mountain top. Guesthouses are all at the mountain foot, and hotels at the mountain top are in good design and have modern facilities, especially heating equipment. Hotels at the mountain top are more convenient for tourists because of next day's itinerary and your round trip ticket of cable car.


1. Bring warm clothes, like hiking shoes, and necessary items like hat, mask, gloves.

2. Bring some simple food and high calorie food to supplement energy.

3. Rent skiing equipment, like ski suit, ski glasses at your own expense.

4. If you need a coach to teach you how to ski, the fare is 200 yuan per hour.

If you are interested in Xiling Snow Mountain Tour, you could go Tailor-made and make an inquiry.

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