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How to Plan a Trip to Mount Emei from Chengdu

Mount Emei or E Mei Shan, renowned to the world as a sacred Buddhism Mountain and for its gorgeous mountain sights, Mount Emei is a must visit place when tourists come to Chengdu. To hikers or tourists who want to be far away from city, Mount Emei is definitely a great place for you. For tourists who are planning a trip to Mount Emei, here we make this article to help you design such an independent tour.


How to Get to Mount Emei from Chengdu

how to plan a trip to Mount Emei from Chengdu

Mount Emei Location. Mount Emei is located at Emeishan, Leshan, Chengdu province, and it is about 170 km from Chengdu, easily accessible by bus, car, and train within 3 hours. For tourists travelling on your own, we recommend taking train to Emeishan, due to its convenience and money-saving.

Get to Mount Emei from Chengdu by train

how to get to Chengdu railway station by metro

Metro to railway station (1 hour)-train to Emeishan (1-2 hours)-taxi to Mount Emei Scenic Area (10 min/ 5 km).

To Chengdu South Railway Station, tourists could take Metro Line 1, while to Chengdu East Railway Station, take Metro Line 2 or 7.

Tourists could take inter-city train(C) or high speed train(G) at Chendu East Railway Station or Chengdu South Railway Station to Emeishan Railway Station. The trains from Chengdu to Emei run  1 to 2 hours, and the fastest train takes 1 hour 9 min. Every day there are 9 trains from Chengdu to Emeishan, and the earliest trains depart at 06: 12 AM (Chengdu East), 07: 07 AM (Chengdu East), and 09: 27 AM (Chengdu South). If you want to have more time for sightseeing, you should take the early train leaving at six or seven o'clock.

After arriving Emeishan Railway Station, tourists could take No. 5 public bus or take tourist bus, or take taxi to Mount Emei Scenic Area.

Train back to Chengdu from Emeishan

In the afternoon, tourists could take trains departing Emeishan at 16:52, 17:42, 18:04, 18:30, 19:20 and 20:54. And the last train arrives Chengdu at 22:03 PM.

Train ticket: 62/65 yuan for a second class ticket, 99 or 104 yuan for a first class ticket.


Mount Emei Facts

how to plan a trip to Mount Emei from Chengdu
(Wan Fo Ding)

Mount Emei is a place of natural sight and cultural experience, and it has been listed as World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Tourists could see marvelous views from the natural environment and historical and cultural buildings, and have a great experience in Mount Emei Scenic Area.

Mount Emei is a group of beautiful mountains famous to tourists for its incredibly gorgeous sights. Mount Emei is composed of 4 mountains, and the highest point is in Wan Fo Ding of the main peak, 3099 meters high. But the highest place tourists could climb to is the Golden Summit, 3, 077 meters high.

Another outstanding feature of Mount Emei is that it is the sacred Buddhism mountain and the holy place of Mahasthama Budhisattva, and Buddhism culture is an important of Mount Emei. Tourists could see over 20 temples, sculptures and other buildings related with Buddhism.

Best time to visit Mount Emei: all year round. Tourists could go to see azalea flowers in April and spring views, and golden autumn views in September and October, and snow views from November to March of next year.

how to plan a trip to Mount Emei from Chengdu
(Mout Emei in Winter)

Open time: 06:00 -18:00 at off-peak season (15th, December-15th, January), 07:00-18:00 at peak season (16th, January-14th, December).


  • Entrance ticket: 110 yuan at off-peak season, 160 yuan at peak season. Entrance ticket is valid for 2 days.
  • Sightseeing bus: 90 yuan for a round trip.
  • Wan Nian cable car: 50 yuan for a round trip, 30 yuan for a single trip at off-peak season, 120 yuan for a round trip at peak season.
  • Golden Summit cable car: 50 yuan for a round trip, 30 yuan for the upper trip at off-peak season. 110 yuan for a round trip, and 65 yuan for the upper trip at peak season.


Mount Emei Highlights

how to plan a trip to Mount Emei from Chengdu
(Golden Summit)

At the mountain foot, there are several temples for tourists to visit, such as Baoguo Temple, Shaojue Temple, Fuhu Temple, Leiyin Temple, Chunyang Palace, Shenshui Palace, Zhongfeng Temple, Guangfu Temple and Qingyin Temple. The most famous ones are Baguo Temple and Fuhu Temple and Qingyin Temple.

Baoguo Temple. Baoguo Temple is the first temple in Mount Emei, and also the center of Mount Emei Buddhist activities. Tourists could visit the temple and see the Buddhism buildings. Close to Baoguo Temple, there is the Baoguo Temple Tourist Center, where you could take sightseeing bus from Baoguo Temple to Leidong Ping.

Qingyin Temple. Qingyin Temple is regarded as the most beautiful temple, though it is small, its buildings perfectly match with the natural environment, where you could see exquisitely-made pavilion, stone bridge, stream, and greenery.

Leidong Ping-Jieyin Palace. Leidong Ping is the last stop of sightseeing bus, and from Leidong Ping to Jieuyin Palace, the distance is 1.5 km, and the walking time is 20-30 min. All the way from Leidong Ping to Jieyin Palace, there is a vast land of azalea flowers, and in April, tourists could see a beautiful flower sea.

Ecological regions of watching monkeys. In Mount Emei, there are 7 ecological regions for tourists to watch monkeys living in the wild and feed monkeys with simple food. Watching monkeys is one of those interesting things to do.

Golden Summit. Golden Summit is the most famous place in Mount Emei, and also the place where you could visit Huazang Temple, and see the giant golden sculpture of Mahasthama Budhisattva. And it is the perfect place to watch sunrise, cloud sea, and Buddha light made by light refraction.

Mount Emei Day Tour Itinerary

For tourists who have only 1 day for Mount Emei tour, here we have designed 2 Mount Emei day tour itineraries for your reference.

Departure to Emeishan:

  • Take Metro Line 2 to Chengdu East Railway Station, and take train to Emeisha which departs at 07:07 AM and arrives at 08:42 AM.
  • Arrive at the entrance of Mount Emei Scenic Area and buy tickets before 09:30 AM.

Mount Emei sightseeing ways: sightseeing bus+hiking+cable car.

Mount Emei sightseeing routes: 

Mount Emei tourist map-how to plan a trip to Mount Emei

Plan A: Baoguo Temple-Fuhu Temple-Qingyin Temple-Leiping Dong-Jieyin Temple-Golden Summit.


  • Hike from Baoguo Temple Tourist Center to Qingyin Temple, and visit Baoguo Temple and Fuhu Temple, Qingyin Temple. This hiking route takes 3-4 hours, and leave Qingyin Temple at about 13:00. 
  • Walk down from Qingyin Temple to Wuxiangang Parking Lot, 0.5 hours, and take sightseeing bus to Leidong Ping, about 1.5 hours, and arrive Leidong Ping before 15:00.
  • Hike from Leiping Dong to Jieyin Palace, 20-30 mins in a distance of 1.5 km. (15:30).
  • Take Golden Summit cable car at the station around Jiein Palace and arrive Golden Summit before 16:30. If you visit Mt Emei at the peak season, the lining time for Golden Summit cable car may take more than 1 hour, then you need to squeeze time from the hiking.
  • Have 1 hour at the Golden Summit (before 17:30) and take cable to Leiping Dong(before 18:00), then take sightseeing bus down from Leiping Dong to the Baoguo Temple Tourist Center.

Plan B: Baoguo Temple-Qingyin Temple-Leiping Dong-Jieyin Temple-Golden Summit.

  • Walk to Baoguo Temple and have a short tour at Baoguo Temple, and back to Baoguo Temple Tourist Center before 11:00.
  • Take sightseeing bus at the tourist center to Wuxiangang Parking Lot(11:30), walk to Qingyin Temple, have a short tour, and back to Wuxiangang Parking Lot before 13:00.
  • Take sightseeing bus from Wuxiangang to Leiping Dong, and arrive Leiping Dong before 14:30.
  • Hike from Leiping Dong to the Golden Summit before 16:30, and stay 1 hour at the Golden Summit.
  • Take cable car to Jieyin Palace and walk to Leiping Dong before 18:00, and take sightseeing bus down to the entrance gate.

Leave for Chengdu:  take train back to Chengdu. The last train departs at 20:54, and arrives at 22:04.

Tourists could make changes about the itinerary and save time by skipping some scenic spots like Baoguo Temple and Qingyin Temple according to actual needs. If tourists want to hike Mount Emei for the whole journey, you may need a 2 days tour.

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