Badaling Great Wall Day Tour

Badaling Great Wall Facts

Badaling Great Wall, Great Wall of China, is one of the most important sections of Great Wall and one of the best preserved, well known for its steepness and sightseeings. It is located in Yanqing County, over 70 kilometers (43 miles) the northwestern suburbs of Beijing city. As a military defensive project, it has construction like watch towers, smoke towers, passes and walls.

In here, you have a fantastic experience of mountain climbing, you see the ancient buildings and constructions of the Great Wall, and you have a broad sightseeing of Beijing. Certainly, you will be conquered by its steepness, majesty and gorgeous natural sightseeing, still you will be satisfied with lots of photos taken in here.

badaling great wall

How to Visit Badaling Great Wall

Walking the whole course of Badaling Great Wall is time-consuming and energy-consuming, thus one day is needed for this trip. If you want to capture the moment of Badaling Great Wall at early morning, or you want to hike the whole course of the north route and the south route, you should get up as early as that you start to climb at 6:00 a.m. or 6:30 a.m.

For this, first, you may live in a hotel in Yanqing, and charter a car to Badaling Great Wall, second, you may live in a hotel near Badaling Great Wall  like Badaling Hotel, third, you may live in Beijing downtown and get up at 4:00 a.m. and start to go at 4:30 by chartering a car or taking a taxi. Among the three, the second option is the most convenient one, and takes less time. If you can’t wake up so early, make sure that you should arrive Badaling Great Wall before 8:00, otherwise, there will be too many tourists, crowded and not good for photo-taking.

Reading Guideline:

Preparation for the Tour

Comfortable clothes and shoes. It could be a little bit cold at 6:00 a.m. at summer, and it is very cold in winter. Hiking or climbing Badaling Great Wall needs at least two hours, thus for your comfort, you need to wear shoes suitable to walk.

Food and water. starting in the early morning, you need to prepare enough food and water to supply energy from time to time. In this scenic area, there are restaurants available for you, which offer many kinds of Chinese cuisines and also foreign cuisines,  and you may eat rice, noodles and others. On Badaling Great Wall, there are vendors selling water and snacks. For a budget tour, you need  to prepare for two or three meals, breakfast, lunch, and time-to-time energy increasing, considering a long day’s walk.

How Get to Badaling Great Wall

► Public bus:

1.take No. 877 public bus at the north side of Deshengmen Arrow Tower, about 70 minutes, stopped at the park lot in front of Xiongleyuan or Bear Park. 12 yuan per person. Service time of No. 877 public bus from Deshengmen to Badaling Great Wall: 6:00-12:30( 1st Aprial-15th November) 6:30-12:30(16th November-31th March). Service time  of No. 877 public bus from Badaling Great Wall to Deshengmen: 10:30-17:00( 1st Aprial-15th November) , 11:00-16:30 16th November-31th March).

2. You may take No. 919 public bus at Deshengmen, which costs about 12 yuan. It starts at Deshengmen, passes through Badaling Great Wall and ends at Yanqing bush station. Service time of No. 877 public bus from Deshengmen to Yanqing bus station: 6:00-19:30, and Service time  of No. 877 public bus from Yanqing bus station to Deshengmen: 4:50-18:30, and the last bus arrives at Badaling Great Wall at about 19:00.

3. You may take No.1 tour bus form Qianmen dajie, which costs about 20 yuan.

► Sightseeing train: take a sightseeing train started with S2 at Huangtudian to Badaling Great Wall, about  80 minutes, stopped at Badaling Railway Station, then walk a short distance to ticket office. 6 yuan per person.

► By taxi: wherever you are, you could take a taxi to Badaling Great Wall, and taxi fare is calculated in this way since 2017: within 3 kilometers 13 yuan +1 yuan (fuel surcharge).

More than  3 kilometers: 13yuan (within 3 kilometers) +1 yuan (fuel surcharge)+2.3×kilometers(deducting 3 kilometers). If you take a taxi in the time period of 23:00-5:00, 20% will be added to the unit price, and 2.3 yuan per km, would be changed to 2.76 yuan per km. This information is only for your reference, which may be different according to price adjustment.

► Chartering a car: the fare is your deal with the driver.

Ticket & Opening Hours

► Ticket :

1st April-31st October:  40 yuan per person, 20 yuan for student ticket, and 20 yuan for  with senior ticket ( age over 60)

1st November-31st March: 35 yuan per person, 17.5 yuan for student ticket, and 17.5 yuan for  with senior ticket ( age over 60)

► Opening hours:

1st April-31st  October: 6:30-19:00

1st July-31st  August: 6:30-19:30 

1st November-31st  March: 7:30-18:00 

Entry & Exit

Badaling Great Wall has three entries, the front entry, the entry of cable car at the back mountain parking lot and the entry of pulley car at the front mountain parking lot near the Bear Park. And it has two exits, one is the front entry, and another is near the tenth watch tower in the north route, and you are recommended to leave from the front entry.

How to Go Sightseeing

Walking. Walking time is up to your walking distance and speed. It is recommended to person with vigor and good health, and with enough time.

Cable car.  100 yuan for one way ticket, and 140 yuan for a two-way ticket. About 10 minutes for a single trip. It stops at the seventh watch tower of the north route. It is recommended to old people and children, and those with little sightseeing time.

Pulley car. 80 yuan for one way ticket, and 100 yuan for a two-way ticket, about 10 minutes, and it stops at the fourth watch tower of the north route. It is recommended to young people who have little sightseeing time.

Mixed ways: a mixed way of walking for the up trip and cable car or pulley car is recommended to young people who do not walk too much, to those who want to two kinds of experience. If you want  take a cable bar for the back trip, you should go the seventh watch tower of the north route.

For more information about cable car and pulley car, please visit cable cay and pulley in Badaling Great Wall

Sightseeing Route

How to visit Badaling Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall has two routes, the south route and the north route

Go through Entrance to the Great Wall, then there are two routes for you, the south route and the north route.

The south route is more steep, with less tourists, and it has seven watch towers. There is a certain distance between two watch towers. If you want a quite trip and quietly enjoy its beauty, you may choose this one.

The north route is a much more popular one, with great scenery, and good for photo-taking. It has 12 watch towers, and you don’t need to go the whole course if you do not have enough time or enough energy. The distance from the first watch tower to the eighth watch tower is most visited, and the eighth watch tower is the highest and the famous “hao han po” or hero slope  is in here, which comes from “ one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero”.

After your tour of Badaling Great Wall, you may go down the Great Wall, and go out through the front entry. You may go back downtown, for this, you may go to Deshengmen by public bus No.877, or No. 919, then take a subway from Deshengmen to downtown.

If you end up your tour of Badaling Great Wall at about 14:00 or so, and you want to go to another scenic areas, then where should you go? I recommend The Ming Tombs, which is close to Badaling Great Wall. You may walk to Badaling Great Wall bus stop ,  take No. 879 bus, get off at Dagongmen stop, and walk about 300 meters to The Ming Tombs, which takes about one hour. Changling and Dingling is the must-see in this scenic area, you may go to Dingling first, then take No.314 bus to Changling.

The Ming Tombs

the ming tombs

Brief introduction: The cemetery of the royal family in the Ming Dynasty, located in the foot of Tianshou mountain, covers an area of about 120 square kilometers. In the time periods of about 230 year, many tombs are grandly and luxuriously built for the royal family, and among these, there are 13 tombs for 13 Emperors, and 33 tombs for Queens, 2 tombs for princes, and over thirty tombs for Emperors’ lovers. It has opened several sites to tourists, Changling, Dingling, Zhaoling, and Zongshendao. Changling is the tomb of Zhu Di, the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and also one with great achievements. Dingling is the tomb of Zhu Yujun and his two Queens, one of the three most largest tombs, and also the only one unearthed tomb, where copies of burial materials are put, and in here you may have generally the royal tombs.

In here, you see the ancient tombs of Chinese Emperors, and learn about the construction of royal tombs, buried materials, and Chinese culture. For more information about the Ming Tomb, please visit  the Ming tombs

Opening hours: 8:00-17:30( 1st April-31st  October), 8:30-17:00 (1st November-31st  March).

Tickets: a through ticket costs 100 yuan in off season.

  Ticket fare( 1st April-31st  October)/Yuan

Ticket fare(1st November-31st  March)/Yuan

Dingling 60 40
Changling 45 30
Zhaoling 30 20
Zongshendao 30 20
Juyongguan Great Wall 40 35
Through ticket 130 100

Qianmen Dajie

qianmen dajie

After about two hours, your tour in the Ming Tombs would end, then you may take No.2 tour bus to Qianmen dajie(Qianmen Street), or take other public bus back to downtown. Then a night tour in Qianmen dajie is recommended to you. Qianmen is a gate builing, also called Zhenyangmen. In here, you can see Wupailou, another gate with six posts. Qianmen Dajie is a famous business street in Beijing for hundreds of year, and has many old stores with good faith. You can eat Beijing Roast Duck in Quanjude, eat snacks of Beijing flavor in Yushiyuan, drink tea in a teahouse like Qinglinchun tea house, and go shopping in those stores, like buying cloisonné, Beijing cloth shoe in Neiliansheng, and Beijing handcrafts. If you prefer, you can just have a walk, and wander along the street, and enjoy Beijing night. 

For more information about Qianmen Dajie, please visit Qianmen Dajie


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