How to Get to the City Center from Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport(IATA: PKX, ICAO: ZBAD) is located at Daxing District, and  from Tian'an Men Square to Beijing Daxing Airport, the direct distance is 46 km, and from Beijing Capital  Airport to Beijing Daxing Airport, the direct distance is 67 km.

Beijing Daxing Airport Location Map

Here we tell severals ways for tourists and visitors about how to get to the city center from Bejing Daxing Airport: by rail transit(metro and inter-city rail), by airport express, by taxi and car rental. Actually, getting to the city center from Beijing Daxing Airport is pretty convenient, and it only takes half an hour.


By Rail Transit(Beijing Metro & Inter-city Rail)

Beijing Subway Map in English
(Beijing Subway Map in English from Beijing Subway, Click Here to Enlarge)

Beijing Metro Daxing Airport Line from Daxing Airport to Cao Qiao Station

Beijing Metro Daxing Airport Line has a total length of 41 km, and has 4 stops: Lize Business Zone, Cao Qiao Station, Daxing Xincheng Station, and Daxing Airport Station. The metro operates at a design speed of 160 km per hour, and so far, it is the fastest city rail transit in China.

Operation time and fare. From Daxing Airport to Cao Qiao Station, the metro is available from 6:00 AM to 22: 30 PM, and it takes only 19 min for this single trip. And the normal fare is 35 yuan, and the business fare is 50 yuan for a single trip from Daxing Airport to Cao Qiao Station.

At  Cao Qiao Station, Beijing Metro Line 10 and Beijing Metro Line 19 are available to tourists and visitors, then you could transfer to other metro lines to city center.

Jingxiong Inter-city Rail from Daxing Airport to Beijing West Station

Jingxiong intercity rail

Tourists and visitors could take Jingxiong Inter-city Rail Daxing Airport to Beijing West Station, and it takes about 28 min.

Operation time and fare. The train is available from 08:20 AM to 22:50 PM, and ticket fare is listed as below: second class(25 yuan), first class(40 yuan), and business class(75 yuan).


By Airport Express

Beijing Daxing Airport Express Lines. Beijing Daxing Airport has 6 express lines to Beijing city center, and 7 express lines to other cities around Beijing. The  6 express lines to Beijing city center are Line 1 to Beijing Railway Station, Line 2 to Beijing West Railway Station, Line 3 to Beijing South Railway Station, Line 4 to Tongzhou, Line 5 to Fangshan, Line 6 to Xuanwu Gate(night line).

Operation time & fare. Airport Express from Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing city center is available from 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM, and from Beijing city center to Beijing Daxing Airport, it is available from 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM, Airport Express Line 6(night line) is available until the last flight arrives. And the one-price ticket costs 40 yuan.


By Taxi

Taxi is one of the most convenient ways to get to city center from Beijing Daxing Airport, especially to those who have heavy luggage. From Beijing Daxing Airport to Beijing Railway Station, the distance is about 50 km, and it takes about 200 yuan and less than 1.5 hour by taxi.


By Car Rental

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