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How to Get to Jiankou Great Wall from Beijing Downtown

Jiankou Great Wall is located at Xizhaizi Village, 30 km from Huairou District, and 70 km from Beijing. It will take a two-hour driving from Beijing downtown. Originally Jiankou Great Wall was built in Tang Dynasty and was restored largely in the Ming Dynasty. It connects to Mutianyu Great Wall in the east and Huanghuacheng Great Wall in the west. It’s the most dangerous and steep section of all Ming Dynasty Great Wall. The section is more easily reached from villages like Xizhazi and Jiushuikeng at the north side of the wall, locally known as Hou Jiankou, than from the south, called Qian Jiankou
Beijing to Jiankou Great Wall
Because of its connection with Mutianyu, along with its relative sparseness in visitors, the Jiankou-Mutianyu trail is one of the most popular Great Wall hikes today. Honestly, the transportation to Jiankou Great Wall is not so conveneint. There are two recommended options for your to get to Jiankou Great Wall from Beijing: by public toursit bus or private car.

Way 1 By Public Tourist Bus

Take Bus No.916 at Dongzhimen, get off at Huairou Fangshan (diagonally opposite Huairou First Hospital). There you can find local buses to leave for Jiankou Great Wall. The buses run between 10:00 am and 15:00 pm. Sometimes you get confused and puzzled of find the local buses, so you can negotiate with local taxi drivers with RMB 150-200 for a round trip. The whole trip will take about 1.5-2 hour. 

Way 2 By Private Car

Travelers may find a local tour operator in Beijing to organize vehicle for private transfer service. The tour operator arranges a car with experienced driver and a tour-guide as well to take you to the great wall. The kind of way is more comfortable and flexible for you. And it will save time too. The journey from Beijing downtown to Huanghuacheng Great Wall usually takes about 2 hour.

Top Tips for Travelling to Jiankou Great Wall

Opening Hours: All day for free
Best time to visit: In general, you can visit Jiankou Great Wall all year around. For foreign tourists, June, July, September and October would be the best time to visit there.