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Jiankou Great Wall


Huairou District, North of Beijing, China

Reasons to visit

World cultural heritage; Famous Great Wall section for adventurous trekking

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Jiankou Great Wall is located about 30 km away from Huairou County, outskirt of Beijing. The mountains around are quite different from each other. Jiankou Great Wall above steep mountains and cliffs seems more magnificent, as well as more advantageous.Mutianyu Great Wall is on the east side of it, and Dazhenyu Great Wall on the west. Jiankou Great Wall got its name because it is W-shaped, looking like a full bow buckling an arrow. Jiankou Great Wall is one of the most dangerous sections of the Great Walls of China. It lists the most times on all kinds of painting albums of the Great Wall. It has always been a hot spot for the photographs of the Great Walls of China.

On the top of Jiankou Great Wall, you can watch the Dragon Pool and the ancient ruins of the Great Wall brick kilns. On the Foot of the mountain, spring water gushing out from the ground comes together into a lake, which is currently the North's largest rainbow trout farm.

Structure of Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou Great Wall includes the Southern Line and the Northern Line. Mountains in the Southern Line are extremely steep. This section of Great Wall is almost straight up and down, maintaining the steepest section of Beijing Great Wall. It is seriously weathered by nature, without any artificial modification. It stretches over 20 kilometers since the Cow Horns Ridge (Ji Jiao Bian), South Tower (Nan Da Lou), the Gates of Hell(Gui Men Guan), the Generals Gatekeeper (Jiang Jun Shou Guan), Heavenly Ladder (Tian Ti), Eagle looking backwards (Ying Fei Dao Yang), Beijing Knot to Jiuyan Building (Wangjing Building). You can be able to experience the authentic ancient Great Wall landscape here. The section from Ladder, Eagle Looking Backwards, Beijing Knot, Jiuyan Building is the most dangerous section of the road. So it is better to walk from the east to the west.

The mountains in the northern Jiankou Great Wall are gentler than the south. The advantage of going up by the way is that towering fortresses can be boarded without too much work. You can get a panoramic view of valleys and mountains up the fortresses. It is quite comfortable when you are walking on the road along the hill with lush woods aside. You can also go to the Shentangyu Canyon to fish! The Stream is very shallow, with fish and shrimps gathering here. You can lie on the boulders in the river to take a snap and enjoy the sunshine, which would be the most fantastic thing after climbing the Great Wall.
Jiankou Great Wall

Tips for hikers on Jiankou Great Wall

Mountaineering equipment
Trekking shoes: necessary, for some of the stones on the Great Wall may loosen and there is sand along the road. It is better to wear a pair of trekking shoes.
Walking stick: some of road section may need a stick to hold you tight. But when you use your hands and feet to climb in the same time, the stick would be a burden for you. 
Interphone: although there is only a main road along Jiankou Great Wall, it has several paths nearby the Great Wall to go up and down. You can get an interphone prepared in case of being separated.
For the Jiankou Great Wall is steep and difficult to climb, you should always keep your eyes open while walking. It is much better to travel with a companion. 

The best time to visit
In general, you can visit Jiankou Great Wall all year around. But it is a little cold in winter there and would be a good place for the local residents nearby to exercise. For foreign tourists, June, July, September and October would be the best time to visit there. 

Xishanzi village is considered to be the base camp while visiting Jiankou Great Wall, because most of the tourists who visit the Great Wall there always pick this village to take a rest. The most famous house in the village is “Zhao Shi Mountain Villa”. Many outdoor photographers favorably call house “The Zhao’s”, for the last name of the house owner is the Chinese “Zhao”.

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