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Anshun Transport

Anshun is a key connecting between Sichuan Province and Guizhou Province. The history of its trading center could be traced back to the 13th century, linking north and south China with areas as remote as Burma. Anshun is a multi-minorities region which is the home of Mulao Minority, Buyi Minority and Miao Minority. The colorful ethnic culture and customs are the most highlights of this region.
External Transportation
Anshun Transport
Huangguoshu Airport opened on Dec. 8th, 1970. It was renovated in 2001, and finished the reconstruction at 2004. The airport is located at the suburb of Anshun City. It has already operated fights from Huangguoshu Airport to Qingdao, Kunming and other cities.
Anshun is situated at the center of Southwest China. Its transportation is convenient. Gui Kun Railway runs though Anshun to Guiyang, Chuanqian, Qiangui, etc.. Special travel train “Huangguoshu” runs between Guiyang and Anshun, which enhances the connection of transportation in Guizhou Province.
The railway station is located at the end of Huanan Road in Anshun.
Guihuang Highway runs from Guiyang, Anshun to Huangguoshu. It just takes 2 hour to drive from Guiyang to Huanguoshu, which provide the convenience to tourists. Anxin, Anliu, Anbi Highways are also passing through Anshun.
Tourists could take long-distance bus in Guiyang Bus Station, which located at the opposite of Guiyang Railway station, to Anshun City. The ticket is 15 Yuan. The buses from Guiyang to Anshun depart in each 20min.
There are many minibuses in Anshun to Huangguoshu Waterfall. The minibus departs when it is full. The price is 5-10Yuan per person. There are special minibuses in South Bus Station, West Bus Station and Railway Station Square. The last minibus departs at about 16:45.
South Bus Station: located at the opposite of Qiandong Building in Huanan Road. Direction: Guiyang, Liuzhi Special Area, Xinyi, Zhijin, etc..
Urban Traffic

There are more than 500 taxies in Anshun. From 07:00-24:00, the departure fare is 3 Yuan for 3 km, and extra distance is 1 Yuan per km. From 0:00-07:00, the departure fare is 8 Yuan for 2 km, and the extra distance is 1.2 Yuan per km.
Public Bus:
There are 15 Bus lines cover the whole city. Most of the public buses are minibuses, and the price is 0.8 Yuan per person.