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Zhangye Danxia Landform Tour Tips

For Zhangye, the amazing Danxia Landform makes this remote city famous in the world. Not convenient transportation enter into the city, but still hundreds of travelers will choose it as one of the must go places in China. Why? If you visit the Danxia Landform Park, you will know the reason!

Here are some tips of tour to see Danxia landform in Zhangye in the following:

No.1 Transportation Tips - How to Get

Danxia Landform Park has a distance from Zhangye city. So rent a vehicle or take the shuttle bus will be the first consideration.

► For rent vehicle: renting vehicle to Danxia park from Zhangye is the most convenient way.
For small group:
a Zhangye taxi to Danxia park round way trip may usually charge about CNY150 - 200. For group of 2 - 3 people, it will be a great choice. 1 hour’s driving one way.
For middle/large size group: you can also choose taxi renting. Another recommended way will be booking a transfer service from a travel agent. Transfer service from agents can offer you a better vehicle choice and more flexible sightseeing time for visiting the park.

► For shuttle bus: shuttle bus is the cheapest but most inconvenient way
Public shuttle bus to Danxia park is served in Xiguan Bus Station, cost for each person may be CNY 10 - 20 one way.

Bus Station: Zhangye Xiguan Bus Station
Chinese Name: 西关汽车站
Add: No. 417, Ren Min Xi Lu, Gaotao County, Zhangye
Chinese Address: 甘肃省张掖市高台县人民西路417号
Tel: 86-936-6620 005

Tips for taking shuttle bus:
1. Staff of bus station may not understand English and communicate with English.

2. The shuttle bus are mainly serve for domestic passengers, so you may take the bus together with Chinese people and locals. The bus condition is not comfortable and clean enough.

3. Shuttle bus is not particularly convenient and may run more in the morning than the afternoon. Expect to waste some time waiting around for it, especially on the way back.

4. Since most of these local village bus services taper off or end after mid-afternoon, it's likely you'll have to schedule the visit for morning or midday, thereby missing the best of the geology coloration in the late afternoon sun. You can't have it all ways.

5. Better to learn some mandarin or ask help from who can understand English because no English notice on the shuttle bus so ensure you have a clear idea which station you need to get.

No.2 Photography Tips

► Best time to visit: between Jun and Sept, avoiding visiting in winter because of the harsh windy and cold weather.

► Best period to see Danxia Rainbow Mountain: Danxia Rainbow Mountain is located in Linze County Zhangye City, the best period to see the rainbow mountain will be in the sunrise or sunset time.

► Recommended time to take a picture of that: late in the afternoon (maybe 2-4 hours before sunset) on a clear day. For taking a photo like that on the internet is not a hard work, but the good weather is eagerly needed. Most of the dramatic ones are taken late in the afternoon (maybe 2-4 hours before sunset) on a clear day. If you are lucky enough, the ideal period will be a fine day after raining, the fine weather after raining brings more stronger light to make the color of Danxia mountain more fantastic!

► Recommended viewing platforms:
Sunset: No. 1 and No. 5 viewing platforms
Sunrise: No. 4 and No. 5 viewing platforms
Panorama scenery: No. 2 viewing platform, need 20min climbing
The most red color of Danxia landform: No. 3 viewing platform, must go there in late afternoon or evening

► Transferring inside: Eco-shuttle bus is served inside the park to transfer you from one site to another. There is also need some walking but not as hard as doing a hiking. The roads to the viewing platform may include lateral walking and stair climbing up to a ridge or viewpoint.


No.3 Dining & Accommodation

► Dining: there are restaurants around the entrance of this Geopark for travelers to have meals.

► Accommodation: we recommend foreign travelers to accommodate in Zhangye rather than near this park because the rough condition of the guesthouse there and not as safe as in Zhangye city.

Sunrise in Zhangye Danxia Landform

No.4 What Top China Travel Can Do for Travelers to Zhangye

For travelers to Zhangye Danxia Park, Top China Travel can offer private tour service including transferring service, Zhangye hotel booking, meals arrangement, private tour guide & driver service, etc.