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Tips of Touring to Zhangjiajie in Winter

Many people ask about best time to travel to Zhangjiajie. Best time to travel to Zhangajiajie is April, May, September and October. Try not to travel there in rainy season in June, July and August. There is extensive fog in the park at the times and you can not see anytime. If you are only available to travel to Zhangjiajie during winter, it is also fine if you do not mind the coldness. View in winter is also great.

Here I would like to offer you some tips of touring to Zhangjiajie in winter. So that you can have an idea what it would be like while traveling in cold season in Zhangjiajie.

Winter in Zhangjiajie (December - February)

Visitors marvel at the vibrant evergreen trees amongst the snowy landscape.

December - There is some rain this month and many of the families stay at home, keeping warm and preparing their pickled meat for the spring festival. 

January - This is the coldest month with a great deal of snow. People stay at home to prepare for the New Years holiday. It is recommended to avoid to traveling during Spring Festival. The scenic spots would be quite crowded and the hotel rate is high as well. 

February - February is a “mixed bag” this month. Sometimes it is covered in snow and other times it rains. Many people have arrived to spend the holidays with their families.

Does it snow in winter in Zhangjiajie?

Yes, it indeed snow in winter in Zhangjiajie. But it is hard to guarantee that it snows when you are there, it should depends on weather condition. In fact, it adds greatly to the unparalleled beauty of Zhangjiajie. Some describe the snow-covered scenery as being in a “dream world”. For those who never see snow before, it is worth expecting.

Is Zhangjiajie accessible in winter?

Yes. Each cable car operates year-round. More and more people are coming to enjoy the fantastic views in winter, especially those who never see snow before. Mountains in Zhangjiajie covered by snow in winter are quite beautiful. Visitors also enjoy lower hotels rates in the winter season, as it is tourist off season.

How are the path conditions at the peak during snowy winter season?

Zhangjiajie National Park enjoys a great reputation nationwide for being a safe mountain. After years of constant maintenance, the paths have become a point of pride of Zhangjiajie. Whenever it snows, the snowfall is promptly swept off the path to ensure the safety of visitors. And staff in the scenic spots will help clean snow in paths. Do not have to worry about that.

Is it tough to climb the mountain?

The highest peak in Zhangjiajie has an elevation of 4,265 feet; it normally takes two to three hours to complete the ascent. For some places where is hard to climb, you can take cable car with extra cost to get to the top. Do not worry about that.

How many Days should it take to travel to Zhangjiajie?

You would better stay there for 4 days/3nights, including arrival and departure, as there are two large parks in Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Tianmen Mountain Park. If you do not have so much to see them all, I am sure you will come back.

Another advantage is that you can get also discounted entrance tickets if you travel to Zhangjiajie in winter. And hotel rates are much cheaper than that in tourists high season.

In word, you are not afraid of coldness and want to save money for the trip, it is not bad to travel to Zhangjiajie in winter. Hope the above tips are helpful for your winter tour plan in Zhangjiajie.

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