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Day Trip to Tianmen Mountain Forest Park

Tianmen Mountian Forest Park is famous for its mountain scenery, and a perfect place for hiking and adventure. As a must-visit place in Zhangjiajie, every year there are a large number of tourists planning a trip to Tianmen Mountain Forest Park. For tourists who would like to have an independent day tour to Tianmen Mountain, here we make this useful article containing all information you need.


How to Get to Tianmen Mountain

transport to Tianmen Mountain from Zhangjiajie map

Way to get to Tianmen Mountian Forest Park

By taxi. Tianmen Mountain Forest Park is located in the south of Zhangjiajie, about 5.5 km away from Zhangjiajie Bus Station and Zhangjiajie Train Station, and 9 km from Zhangjiajie Airport, and tourists could get to Tianmen Mountain in 15 mins from these two places. Considering that Tianmen Mountain is close to the train station and the airport, tourists could take taxi to there, and the taxi fare is about 30 yuan.  

Way to get to Tianmen Mountain the lower cableway station

By walking. The best way to get to Tianmen Mountain is to take cable car. For tourists who plan to take cable car to Tianmen Mountain Forest Park, you should go to the lower cableway station first. Tianmen Mountain the lower cableway station is in Zhangjiajie Central Garden, only 1, 000 meters away from Zhangjiajie Train Station, and tourists could walk to there. From Zhangjiajie Airport to the cable car station, the distance is about 4.5 km, and it needs 10 min of driving.


Tianmen Mountain Facts

how to plan a trip to Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain Forest Park is a national forest park renowned for its karst landscape, and Tianmen Mountain has an elevation of 1518.6 meters, regarded as the soul of Zhangjiajie.

Tianmen Mountain Forest Park covers an area of 96 square kilometers, and it is divided into 4 scenic areas, and has several highlights, such as Tianmen Cave, Heaven Linking Avenue with 99 bends, Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Tianmen Mountain Tunnel Elevator, Tianmen Glass Skywalk, Tianmen Cliff Hanging Walkways, Tianmen Temple.

Best time to visit Tianmen Mountain: March to November.

Open time: 08:00-18:00(March to November), 08:30-18:00(December to February).

Ticket: 232 yuan including admission ticket, Tianmen cable car, and electromobile car.


Tianmen Mountain Highlights

Tianmen Mountain is a popular attraction in China, and it has several great highlights regarded as must-visit places where you could have a special experience and a great memory, and here we also recommend them to you.

Tianmen Cave

Tianmen Cave is a natural hollow cave on the Tianmen Mountain, with a height of 1,264 meters. This hollow cave is 131.5 meters wide, and 37 meters long, and well known to the world because of Zhangjiajie World Aerobatics Competition in 1999. There are 999 steps for tourists to climb to the cave.

Tianmen Mountain Tunnel Elevator

Have you ever taken an elevator inside of a mountain? If not, you could have a first ride in Tianmen Mountain. Tianmen Mountain Tunnel Elevator is running inside of Tianmen Mountain, bringing tourists from the bottom of Tianmen Cave to the top of Tianmen Mountain. It has a length of 897 meters, with 12 sections, and lifts a height of 340 meters.

Tianmen Mountain Cableway

how to plan a trip to Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain Cableway is 7455 meters long, with a fall of 1279 meter, and it starts from Zhangjiajie Centre Garden and ends in the Sky Garden at the top of Tianmen mountain, just like a rainbow bringing people from the land to the sky. It is one of the most spectacular cableways in the world, and praised as one of the two wonders in Tianmen Mountain Forest Park. Tianmen Mountain Cable is the most convenient way for tourists to climb Tianmen Mountian and reach the top, and have a panoramic view of this wonderful land.

Heaven Linking Avenue

Heaven Linking Avenue has a length of 10.77 km, and a fall of over 1,300 meters, and it has 99 bends, and most of them are sharp bends, all the way to Tianmen Cave. Tourists could take electromobile bus which would drive you Tianmen Cave through this Heaven Linking Avenue, and it will be a thrilling experience to most of you.

Tianmen Glass Skywalk

how to plan a trip to Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Glass Skywalk is hanging at the west line of the top of Tianmen Mountain, 1430 meters high, and it has a length of 60 meters, and a width of 4-5 meters. The glass skywalk has a great transparency, and tourists could see the bottom from the glass, which makes it scary to some people. Tourists who have fear of height, or have illness like heart disease are not advice to challenge a walk on Tianmen Glass Skywalk.

Tianmen Cliff Hanging Walkway

Tianmen Cliff Hanging Walkways is also named Ghost Plank Road, and hangs on the cliff of Ghost Cave, 1,400 meters high, with a length of 1,600 meters. In the junction of two cliffs, there is a 160-meter suspension bridge, and at the highest place of the walkway, there is a glass deck for courage challenge. Walking on this walkway, you could see flocks of birds playing in the sky in sunny days, and if you visit on the rainy or foggy days, it is just like walking in clouds.

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show is a super shocking live performance and magic musical show with a backdrop of Tianmen Mountain, adapted from a fairytale telling a touching love story of a man named Liu Hai and a fox. The show is available at 20:20 every day, with a running time of 90 min, and tourists could watch it at the canyon of Tianmen Mountain.


Tianmen Mountain Day Tour Itinerary

Tianmen Mountain Tourist Map

How many days for visiting Tianmen Mountain? one day tour is enough, and tourists could visit most places in Tianmen Mountain. Here we offer you Tianmen Mountain day tour itinerary for reference, and you could make some changes according to your own situation.

Departure time: before 9:00 AM.

Returning time: before 18: 00 or 22:00 after the Fox Show.

Tianmen Mountain sightseeing routes

Route A: Cable car to the mountain top-Sky Garden tour-Tianmen Tunnel Elevator down to Tianmen Cave-Tianmen Cave tour & electromobile bus to the Mountain Gate-shuttle bus to the lower cableway station.

Route B: take shuttle bus to the Mountain Gate at the lower cableway station- electromobile bus to Tianmen Cave-Tianmen Cave tour-take Tianmen Tunnel Elevator up to the top of Tianmen Mountain- Sky Garden tour-take cable car at the upper cableway station to the lower station.

Route B is in the reverse order of Route A, and you could choose any of them, but most people choose Route A, due to the amazing views of taking cable car up to the top.

Sightseeing notes:

The lower cableway station is located at Zhangjiajie Central Garden, where you could take cable car or shuttle bus to Tianmen Mountain.

The single trip of taking Tianmen Mountain cable way to the mountain top has a duration time of about 30 min.

Sky Garden tour (3-5 hours) is the general name visiting places on the top of Tianmen Mountain, and you could visit those places from north to south, or from south to north. Sky Garden tour takes up most of the sightseeing time in Tianmen Mountain.

Tianmen Fox Fairy Show. If tourists want to watch this show, you could take electromobile car to the Mountain Gate, and get off the performance site. It is better to arrive at the performance site before 20:00.

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