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How Can I Get to Fenghuang Ancient Town

As a small county in West Hunnan Province, Fenghuang is a bit remote. The transportation way to Fenghuang is limited. Tourists need to travel to the nearby large cities first, then transit to Fenghuang Ancient Town. This article is going to tell how to get to Fenghuang.

By Air

There isn’t direct flight to Fenghuang. There are 3 airports by which tourists can transit to Fenghuang.

1.The nearest airport is Tongren-Fenghuang Airport. Which is about 30 minutes from Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is a remote small airport with few flights and not many places have flights to this airport. Tourists need to take taxi to Tongren Bus Terminal first, from which they can take bus to Fenghuang. The Bus to Fenghuang runs between 07:30 and 16:30. It departs from Tongren once it is full. It takes about 1.5 hours and the ticket fare is CNY25 per person per way. Besides, tourists could choose to rent a taxi to Fenghuang at CNY 150 per car per way.

2.You could also fly to Changsha Huanghua Internaitonal Airport. Then take the airport shuttle bus to Changsha West Bus Terminal or South Bus Terminal to take long-distance coach to Fenghuang. The bus schedule is as below,

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Fare Duration
Changsha West Bus Terminal Fenghuang 0900, 1040, 1420, 1720 CNY140 6.5 hrs
Changsha South Bus Terminal Fenghuang 0900, 1540 CNY140 6.5 hrs

We do not recommend tourists to take train, then transit bus to Fenghuang as it takes more time and more troublesome for transit. Therefore, we suggest you take bus to Fenghuang directly.

3.You could fly to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport. Then take Bus No 4 or take a taxi at CNY30 per car per way to Zhangjiajie Bus Terminal, from which there are 2 buses to Fenghuang at 08:00 and 14:30 respectively. The bus fare is about CNY70 per person per way. Duration is around 4.5 hours.

By Train

Fenghuang does not have railway station at all. The nearest railway station is Jishou, Huaihua and Tongren. Therefore, if tourists choose to take train for Fenghuang, they can only arrive at the above three railway station. Then transit bus to Fenghuang.

1.Jiushou Railway Station - Fenghuang

There are buses to Fenghuang everyday from Jiushou North Bus Station and South Bus Station. Walking for about 200m from railway station, you will find Jiushou North Bus Station. The bus departs once it is full. If you do not catch the bus from north station, you could take a taxi to south station to get on a bus to Fenghuang. Please read below bus schedule

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Fare Duration
Jishou North Bus Terminal Fenghuang 0630-2030, departure once full CNY23 1 hour
Jishou South Bus Terminal Fenghuang 0630-2030, departure every 15 mins CNY23 1 hour

2.Huaihua Railway Station-Fenghuang

It just need to pay a little to take a taxi from railway station to Huaihua West Bus Terminal, where there are buses to Fenghuang from 0730 to 1800. The fare is about CNY40 per person per way and it takes about 70 minutes on the bus. The bus departs once it is full.

3. Tongren Railway Station - Fenghuang

Tongren North Bus Terminal is just on the opposite of railway station. The bus for Fenghuang runs from 0730 to 1630. It departs once it is full. The duration is about 1.5 hrs and fare is CNY20-30 per person per way.

By Coach

There are three bus stations in Fenghuang. They are Fenghuan North Bus Terminal, Datian Bus Terminal and Tuqiaolong Bus Station. But if you travel to Fenghuang, it is better to choose Fenghuang North Bus Terminal.


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