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Fenghuang Ancient Town Travel Tips

Fenghuang is a small county in West Hunan Province, which is famous for Fenghuang Ancient Town. Fenghuang Ancient Town attracts many tourists for a visit every year with its pretty view and unique ethnic customs.

Fengfuang Ancient Town View

When is the best time to visit Fenghuang Ancient Town?

Fenghuang has distinct seasons, but it is suitable to visit all the year round because tourists could have different experience in different seasons.

Spring: The temperature in spring is about 20℃ and it is always a fine day in Fenghuang. All the plants turns green and flowers are blooming. Tourists could the most beautiful view of Tuojiang River with morning mist in the early morning.

Summer: Summer is the high season. There will be too many tourists traveling to Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is the most crowded season for this small town. It is noisy at the bank of Tuojiang River with singing in the bars or the streets. The bar street is always packed with crowds. If you like hustle and bustle, you could choose to visit in this season. But if you prefer tranquil ancient town, we do not suggest you travel to Fenghuang in summer.

Autumn: It is a harvest season, when the temperature drops. Tourists will have a different experience if they could catch up with the Catch Autumn Festive in this area at the beginning of autumn.

Winter: The ancient town in snow is beautiful. If you could accept the cold weather in Southern China, you could choose this season.

Fenghuang Ancient Town View

Is there any bank for me to withdraw money?

Tourists do not need to bring too much cash for safety when they travel to Fenghuang. Although it is a small town, there are a lots of banks, such as China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, ect, which also have ATM in the downtown of the bank itself. Tourist could only prepare a UnionPay bank card before the tour. Then withdraw necessary money in Fenghuang.

But tourists need to know that only some large hotels, shopping center or entertainment places are installed POS machine for payment, all the guesthouses, inns or small hotels do not accept payment by UnionPay card or credit card.

Besides, tourists could know coins are not acceptable in Fenghuang. Therefore, please prepare enough banknotes when you travel in this area.

Fenghuang Ancient Town View

How to prepare a Fenghuang Tour?

Generally speaking, one day and one night in Fenghuang is enough. If possible, we suggest tourists to arrive at Fenghuang Ancient Town at noon time or in the afternoon of the 1st day. In this case, tourist could walk around the ancient town and have enough time to enjoy the nice night view of the town and Tuojiang River.

Next morning, you could get up early, to view and take beautiful pictures of Tuojiang River. After that, if you time is enough, you could take a half day tour to visit a nearby Miao Village, although it is not that necessary. Then take the afternoon transportation for departure.

We suggest our clients to visit Fenghuang before or after Zhangjiajie tour.

Fenghuang Ancient Town View

What else should I pay attention to when I travel to Fenghuang?

1.Please prepare enough banknotes when you travel to Fenghuang as coins are not acceptable.

2.Prepare an umbrella in case of rain

3.The internet is available in some hotels or inns in the ancient town. Besides, there are cybercafes in the town.

4.If you have several devices which needs to charge or you need to charge the batteries more frequently, we suggest you bring a small plugboard as there are usually few outlets in the room of guesthouse or inn.

5.Do not believe anyone who are trying to recommend a guesthouse, inn or tours to you enthusiastically at the bus station and taxi stops.

6.Be careful with your belongings while you are strolling in the bustling street.

7.The toilet in Fenghuang is not free, but at CNY1 per person per time.

8.Look at your money more carefully when you are buying to avoid your notes changed to counterfeit money quickly by the payee.

9.There are many Miao ethnic village in Fenghuang. Some are good for a visit, but some are not worth for a visit, although most of them do not keep the original minority features. If you do hope to visit a Miao village, we suggest to choose one of those villages recommended by the local tourism bureau.

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