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Best Places to Visit in Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is a beautiful city and major tourist destination in China. TopChinaTravel would like to   introduce some of the Best Places to visit in Xishuangbanna for you. Then, where to visit in Xishuangbanna? Come with us, you will not miss any top attraction of this city. You can visit the so well-known Ganlanba Dai Minority Park, Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park, Jinghong Primitive Forest Park and so on. You will be impressed by ethnic culture and natural landscapes there.

Ganlanba Dai Minority Park

Ganlanba Dai Minority Park is located in Ganlanba of Xishuangbann, consisting of 5 villages, about 300 families. The villages are best preserved natural Dai minority villages in China. Locals here are hospitality and still keeping their own living style. When you walk on the lane during the evening, you may hear the melody of Lusheng and the rhythm of Xiangjiao Drum.
The main attractions in the park are: Welcome Plaza, Mansongmangu Temple, Dai Minority Villages, Water-Sprinkling Plaza, open air theater and so on. In the village, you can also taste Dai Minority cuisines, which is unique in Yunnan Cuisines.


Jinghong Wild Elephant Valley

Now, the wild elephants only live in the tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna. And Wild Elephant Valley Forest Park is the places with most of elephant and frequent elephant activities. In the park, if you are lucky you will see wild elephant, when they come out. The unique tropical rainforest also attracts more and more tourists. In addition, you can also watch ethnic customs performance.
There are about 50 groups of wild elephant, about 300 – 350 elephant. There are about 4.4 elephants come out to have a walk, have a bath, play with each other… Tourists could also observe the elephant at night with Infrared night vision goggles. The best time to observe elephant is at dawn, night and in the morning.


Jinghong Primitive Forest Park

Jinghong Primitive Forest Park  is one of the biggest Ecotourism Travel Spots in Xishuangbanna. 8 km away from downtown, the Primitive Forest Park covers an area of over 16.5 square kilometers. It well combines the unique natural scenery and ethnic folklore, includes many popular attractions like the well-preserved tropical forest, research base of peacock, waterfall and minority villages, Buddhism pagoda and big granite sculpture. Etc.

Jinghong Primitive Forest Park is the best preserved tropical valley rainforest south of the Tropic of Cancer. There are peacock breeding base, monkeys domesticated base, a large ethnic customs performing arts field, Aini Village, Jiulong Waterfalls, granite relief, Lake legend , barbecue sites and other ethnic flavor that ten scenic spots and over 50 attractions, highlighting the "virgin forest, wildlife, folk customs," three themes


Chunhuan Park

Chunhuan Park is the oldest garden in Xishuangbanna area, 2km away from Jinghong downtown covering an area of 23,540 square meters. There are over 500 well-preserved ancient venges and vegetation, hills and rivers in the park, rich cultural landscape of national characteristics. It is a native of the village-style park, formerly Dai King’s imperial garden with more than 1300 years history.
Entering the park, you will have a spontaneously sense of returning to nature, the deep feelings clever combined between natural and artificial. n Chunhuan Park, there are Manting village, and Manlongkuang Village, which can be visited. In Yunjinghong city, there are peacocks lakes. In the park, people can go boating, watching wild bears, wild boar, pythons, peacocks and a variety of birds.

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