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Qinghai Lake Trip Tips

Qinghai Lake, the largest inland lake in China, is a diamond in Qinghai Province. Here I list some Qinghai Lake trip tips for travelers who plan to there.

♦ Best time to visit Qinghai Lake

Best time for sightseeing: July and August
Reason: 1) Rape flowers are blooming in July and August, 2) Qinghai Lake Cycling Race is held at that time

Best time for birds viewing: April and May
Reason: birds in their egg laying period

Best time for seeing swans: November

Better to avoid: Feb to early Apr. Most windy and sandy days there

♦ What to wear in Qinghai Lake Trip

A mountaineering jacket is necessary no matter which month you come. Even in July or August, the temperature is also can lower than 10℃ (50℉). And a rain will bring a cold day in Qinghai Lake in any season.


♦ Qinghai Lake Cycling Tour Tips

The road for cycling around Qinghai Lake is excellent. No high requirement on cycling skill, cycling equipment and physical conditions. Health people and keep doing some sports in daily life can challenge this experience.


♦ High Altitude Sickness Tips

The average altitude of Qinghai Lake is 3000m. Some people may have high altitude sickness such as dizziness, headache, easy to be tired, insomnia, etc.. These problem will be disappeared after 1 - 2 days when your body get used of the altitude.

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♦ Dos and Don’ts in Qinghai Lake Trip

1) Qinghai Lake is the holy lake in Tibetan Buddhism culture. Don’t swimming in the lake. Don’t touch the sacrifices around the lake. Visit the lake in clockwise.

2) Sending Hada is the most elaborate welcoming etiquette for guests. Most Hadas are in white color. Some are in blue or light yellow colors. The general length is around 1.5 - 5 meters. The top level Hada is made in 5 colors (blue, yellow, green, red, white). It is used during the most serious Buddhism ceremonies.
3) When have the butter tea, hold the bowl with your two hands when drinking

4) In generally, Tibetan people not eat fish, crimp, chicken, and egg.

5) Don’t touch other’s head by hands.

♦ Safety Tips

1) Don’t stay in the grassland after sunset.

2) Don’t walk into place without signs. There are many marshes in Qinghai Lake.
3) Don’t swim in the lake.
4) Qinghai Lake is a salt lake. Better to ensure your skin is not sensitive for that.
5) If you choose cycling or hiking, better to get up early and begin early.
6) When cycling around the lake, be careful for for vehicle on the express.
7) Don’t step into the grassland that circled by others.
8) The temperature between day and night is totally different. Better to check about the weather forecast before travelling. 

♦ Tips for Protecting Environment

1) Don’t throw rubbish into the lake

2) Don’t fire outdoor. When finishing smoking, ensure the cigarette has been extinguished.
3) Don’t feed birds when in Birds Island in Qinghai Lake

Tour to Qinghai Lake
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