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Qinghai Province Day Tour On Your Own

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Qinghai Tour Itinerary

Qinghai Tour & Qinghai Travel Guide: Dongguan Mosque-Chaka Salt Lake

Itinerary: in today’s tour , you go to Dongguan Mosque from your hotel in the morning, then to Chaka Salt Lake, and back to Xining in the night. Dongguan Mosque is close to the downtown, while Chaka Salt Lake is about 292 kilometers away from Xining, in a driving of 4 hours.

Qinghai Tour Schedule

  • 2 hours for a tour in Dongguan Mosque( 08:30-10:30)
  • 4 hours for a driving from Xining to Chaka Salt Lake
  • 3 hours for a tour in Chaka Salt Lake(15:00-18:00)
  • Back to Xining


Trasport to Dongguan Moqsque

You could take a bus or take a taxi to Dongguan Mosque. Then to Dongguan Mosque, here are two options for you, the  first is bus and second is to charter a car or book a transfer service from a travel agency like Topchinatravel.

 Chaka Salt Lake from Xining

Buses from Xining to Chaka Salt Lake are available to tourists, who should go to Xining Bus Station, or Xining Bayi Bus Station to take a bus. From Xining to Chaka, there are buses available at Xining Bus Station, which leave Xining at 08:00, 09:45, 11:00 12:00, 14:00 and 15:30, and cost 65 yuan/ person. But back to Xining, there is almost no bus available from Chaka, you may need to rent a car. For chartering a car for a tour to Chaka Salt Lake and back to Xining, the fare is about 600 yuan. and you could find some tourists and share the rental fare with them. Though expensive, it is flexible for you to arrange your itinerary. Therefore, I recommend you to rent a car for this tour.

Dongguan Mosque

Donguan Mosque Facts

Dongguan Mosque is one of the well-known old magnificent buildings in Xining, marked as one of the top four mosques in northwestern China. It faces to the east, covers an area of about 12,000 square meters, and consists of many splendid buildings, which combines building styles of the Han, Tibetan and Islam. First built in the latter half of the 14th century, this Mosque has been through several ruins and reconstruction since its completion, and the buildings standing there are rebuilt in 1913. Dongguan Mosque is grandly built, and has a complex of towers, halls and walls. Its large main building contains over 3,000 believers, so that lots of believers come to here and have their worship.

Donguan Mosque  Travel Tips:

  • Ticket: no charge for entrance ticket and tour guide.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, please avoid Friday for visiting, cause it is the day for big meeting and worship.
  • Wear: clothes covering you body well.
  • Photo-taking: take photos where allowed.

How to Get to Dongguan Mosque

  • Dongguan Mosque is located in No. 34, Dongguan street, Xining, about 3 kilometers away from Xining downtown, and 3 kilometers away from Xining Railway Station.
  • Bus. You might take a public bus, like No. 1, No 17, No. 909, No, 47, and No. 31 public bus to Dongguan Mosque.
  • Taxi. In a short distance, you may take a taxi, which won’t cost you much.
  • Walking. Considering it is close to the downtown, it might be in a walking distance from your hotel.

Why Get to Donguan Mosque

  • Donguan Mosque is a majestic complex, with great aesthetic values in building, so that it is a place worthy of your tour.
  • As one of the best mosque in China, you could hear its stories and  Islamic history in China.
  • Get known about Islamic believers, and Islamic culture, pay respects to different religions, and get along with other peoples.

Chaka Salt Lake

Chaka Salt Lake Facts

Chaka Salt Lake or Chakayan Lake(茶卡盐湖) As  a salt lake, you can see crystal salt in the lake, thus it looks like a mirror. For this, it is reputed as one of the best places to take photo, and got a name as Mirror of Sky. It is recommended to you, a photographer, and  an amateur of photo-taking. The best tour time is from July to August, and a sunny day is perfect for photo-taking.

Chaka Salt Lake is regarded as one of the best places to photograph.

Chaka Salt Lake Location

Chaka Salt Lake is located in Qinghai province, close to Qinghai Lake, and it is in Wulan county(乌兰县),  about 150 kilometers away from Erlangjian Scenic Spot.

Chaka Salt Lake Travel Tips

Chaka Salt Lake Entrance Fee Ticket:  70 yuan for entrance ticket, 50 yuan for a single trip of train to the lake from the entrance gate, 5 yuan for eletromobile and 90 yuan for a cruise.

Chaka Salt Lake Opening Hours: 05:30-22:00 (July, August); 06:00-21:00 ( June & September );  07:00-21:00( April, May, October)

How to Get to Chaka Salt Lake From Xining

  • Train. From May to October, a tourist train is available from Xining to Chaka, and it departs Xining at 08:25 and arrives Chaka at 12:23. Such a train journey of 4 hours costs 62.5 yuan. From Chaka to Xining, it leaves at 16:30.
  • Bus. 4 hours and 65.5 yuan.
  • Car rental. For a flexible tour itinerary, car rental is recommended to you, though it costs you more.

What to see and what to do: to see salt products, salt sculpture, have a walking along the salt lake, and take photos of wetland, and the lake.


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