Xian Transport

Xian, steeped in history and still giving up secrets, is your gateway to ancient Chinese civilization. In its 3,100 recorded years of evolution. As one of the most important cradles of Chinese civilization, it marked the start of the famous "Silk Road" that linked China with central Asia and the Roman Empire. Xian is a transportation hub since ancient times. In modern time, Xian’s transportation becomes more and more convenient.


External Transport

Xian Xianyang International Airport is situated at northwest of Xian City, the suburb of Xianyang City. There are domestic flights to big cities in China and also international flights to Japan, Thailand, Korea and other countries. The airport is 47 km from the center of Xian City. Though highway to airport, it just takes about 1 hour. It costs about 100 Yuan by taxi to get to the airport, and 26 Yuan by airport express.
Xian is the traffic hub connecting North China, East China, South Central of China and Northwest China. Longhai Railway runs though Xian. There are also other railway lines such as Anhou Railway, Baotian Railway, Lanxin railway, etc..
Xian Railway Station is located at the east of Shangde Gate, the northeast part of Xian City. Driving from downtown, it takes 30 min to get to the station. It costs about 11 Yuan by taxi.
There are several Train Ticket Offices in Xian. The ticket offices open from 8:00 to 18:00. Some ticket offices opens for 24hrs: Longhai Ticket Agency, Dongli Mansion Ticket Angency, Xianglong Company Ticket Agency.
Xian is the second largest traffic hub in China. There are 9 national highways through Xian to all parts of the China. There are several long-distance bus stations in Xian and 300 bus routes to areas both in Shanxi and other provinces. The main bus stations are: Xian Bus Station, Shanxi Bus Station, Sanfuwan Bus Station, Chengdong Bus Station, Chengdong Bus Station, Chengxi Bus Station, Chengnan Bus Station and Chengbei Bus Station.

Urban Traffic

From 06:00-23:00, the departure fare is 6 Yuan for 2 km, and the extra distance is 1.5 Yuan/Km. From 23:00 to next day 06:00, the departure fare is 7 Yuan for 2 Km, and the extra distance is 1.8 Yuan/Km. For some better taxies, the price for extra distance is 2.4 Yuan/Km.
It is not easy to take taxi at 4:00-5:00 in the afternoon, as it is the shifting time in for taxies in Xian.
Public Bus
The public bus system is very developed. There are three kinds of public bus:
Normal Bus: 1 Yuan
Air-conditioned Bus: 2 Yuan; some bus just charge 1 Yuan for the first six stations.
Minibus: The first three stations are just 0.5 Yuan, and then each other 4 stations add 0.5 Yuan. Th
Tourism Special Bus
There are also special buses to each attraction in Xian.

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