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Xian Tourism

As a famous historic and cultural city, a treasure house of relics and sites, Xian is one of the highly popular tourist destinations in China for tourists from all over the world. Xian’s tourism is a booming industry.
Touring in Xian, you can breathe the historical air from all the must-see spots. Major attractions in Xian include the Qin Terracotta Army - "the 8th wonder of the world", the Big Wild Goose Pagoda-the most outstanding landmark of Xian, Banpo Neolithic Village Museum - the remains of a 6,000 year-old village once home to a matriarchal clan community, and the Xian City Wall which stretches round the old city.
Today Xian is a vibrant, modern city, but surrounded by history, even underfoot! So there can be no underground railways due to the obligation to preserve the wealth of ancient treasure still awaiting discovery.

Xian Municipal Tourism Administration
Xian Municipal Tourism Administration, subject to Xian Municipal Government, is in charge of tourist management of Xian City. It is responsible in drawing up the development strategy of regional tourism market, organizing and guiding the development of important tourism products, supervising quality of tourist service, dealing with the complaints of tourist, drafting the tourism policies standard of the local area and some other responsibilities.
Contact Info.
Address: No. 159, Beiyuan Men, Xi’an City, Shanxi Province, China
Tel: 029-87630166
District Tourism Bureau
Lintong District Tourism Bureau
No.3 Shuyuan Street, Lingtong District (710600)
Chang'an District Tourism Bureau
No.1 Weiqu Street, Changan Distrct (710100)
Xincheng District Tourism Bureau of Cultural Relics
No.600 Shangqin Street, Xincheng District (710005)
Beilin District Tourism Bureau
No.23 Yan Ta Bei Road (or Northern Wild Goose Road), Beilin District (710001)
Zhouzhi County Tourism Bureau
Fanggu Street, Guanlou Tai, Zhouzhi County(710400)
Hu County Tourism Bureau
1st Floor, West building of Huxian Guest House, Hu County (710300)
Lantian Tourism Bureau of Cultural relics
No.6 Xianmen Street, Lantian County (710500)
Weiyang District Tourism Bureau of Culture and Sports
No.1 West section of Longshou North Road, Weiyang District (710016)
Yanta District Tourism Bureau
No. 168 Youyi West Road, Yanta District (710061)
Lianhu District Tourism Bureau
No. 59 Hongbu Street, Lianhu District(710003)
Baqiao District Tourism Bureau
No.43 Fangyi Road, Textile City, Baoqiao District(710038)
Gaolin County Radio and Television Bureau of Culture and Sports
Culture and Sports Center, Ti Yu Road, Gaolin County(710200)
Yanliang County Radio and Television Bureau of Culture and Sports
No.6 Yanan Street, Yanliang District(710089)
Qujiang New District Tourism Bureau
No 3, Yan South First Street, Qujiang New District(710061)
Fengwei New District Tourism Bureau of Culture and Sports
No. 158 Middle section of Jianzhang Road, Fengwei New District (710065)