Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station is the fourth largest railway station, and one of the six largest railway terminals in China. It is also one of the three station which have trains to all the provinces in China. It is located at the starting point of the Silk Road and the home town of Terracotta Warriors. As one of the 10 top grade railway station, it connects Northwest and Southwest railway network of China and get the reputation as "the First Window in West China”.

Xian Railway Station is one of the railway terminals. The construction of the main building of the station was completed in 1985. There are trains to each province and it is a very important transfer station to Northwest and Southwest of China.

Xian Railway Station’s annual transportation capacity reaches 28,950,000. Xian Railway Terminal plays an important role in national rail network. Longhai Railway Line’s volume of freight traffic has reached 73,800,000 ton which ranks No.3 in China.

Basic Information

Xian Railway Station
Original Name:
Changan Railway Station
No. 151, Huangcheng North Road, Xincheng District, Xian City.
Longhai Railway, Xikang Railway, Ningxia-Xian Railway, Xian-Shanghai Railway Station, Xihou Railway Station, Baotou-Xian Railway Station

History and Development

Xian Railway Station was first built in Dec., 1934, and officially operated in June, 1935.

In 1937, it changed its name to Changan Railway Station. In 1952, its name changed back to Xian Railway Station again.

In 1984, it began the reconstruction project. On Dec. 31st, 1985, the main building finished construction.

In 1988, the station upgrade to top grade station from the frist class station.

In Oct. 1st , 1990, the Ticket office and the office building was completed the construction, and the whole reconstruction project was completed. There are Ticket Hall, Waiting Hall, Package Hall and supporting facilities such as restaurants, tourism services. Waiting Hall has east and west Allocation Halls, normal waiting room, infant & mom waiting room, soft sleeper waiting room and other room which are all together 12 wairing rooms with the capacity of 7000 people. The Ticket Hall is at the east part of the Waiting Building. There are 60 ticket windows. And there are 84 Train ticket booking points in the city.

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