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Xi'an City Wall Travel Tips

Xian City Wall is located in the center of Xian City, in rectangle, 12 m high, 18 wide in the bottom, and 15 m wide at the top. The east wall is 2590 m long, the west wall is 2631.2 m long, the south wall is 3441.6 m long, and the north wall is 3241 m long. The whole perimeter of the wall is 11.9 km. There are four gates: East Changle Gate, West Anding Gate, South Yongning Gate, and North Anyuan Gate. Xian City Wall was built on the base of the imperial city of Tang Dynasty. You can over look the scenery of Xian on the Wall and also riding bicycle here and enjoying performances.
Add: the ancient city in Beilin District, Xian
Xian City Wall

Best time to visit Xian City Wall

The best time to travel to Xian is in spring and autumn, from March to June and September to November. July and August are too hot, not suitable for travelling. If travel in summer, you’d better visit the city wall in morning or after sunset.


1. you can start the visiting from Shangde Gate nearing Xian Railway Station
2. In the City, you can take No. 321, 323, 402, 405, K600 buses to South Gate Station (Nanmen Station), and starting visiting from here.


Climb up the Xian City Wall: 40 Yuan per Person, student: 20 Yuan per Person

Vehicles on Xian City Wall:

►Bicycle: there are solo bikes, tandem bicycles on the great wall for renting. The price is about 30 to 40 Yuan per person. Riding around the city wall is about 80mins.
►Sightseeing Bus: the regular sightseeing bus is 80 Yuan per person, while the luxurious sightseeing bus is 120 Yuan per person. The bus departs when it half full of passengers.