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Top 8 Must-visit Museums in Xi'an

Xi 'an, as the capital city of thirteen dynasties in ancient China, is rich in history and culture. If you want to understand Xi 'an culture, the museum is definitely worth to go. According to statistics, there are more than 100 museums around Xi'an, including seven or eight national first-class museums. Here are top 8 must-visit museums in Xian.


1.Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆

Built in 1983, Shaanxi History Museum is the first large-scale modern national-level museum in China and the first batch of Chinese “AAAA”-level tourist attractions. Rich cultural heritage and profound cultural accumulation have formed Shaanxi's unique historical and cultural features. The Shaanxi History Museum is an art palace that displays Shaanxi historical culture and ancient Chinese civilization. Shaanxi History Museum has attracted many Chinese and foreign guests with its numerous relics, excellent display, beautiful environment, good service, excellent order and unique charm.


Entrance fee: Free

Collections: 1717950

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 17:30 pm, closed on Mondays

Address: No. 91 Xiaozhai East Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City

Telephone: 029-85253806

Transportation: Take metro line 2, 3 or take bus No. 5, 19, 26, 30 to get there

2. Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses 秦始皇兵马俑博物馆

Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum is a large-scale ruins museum based on the Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horse and supported by the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Relics Park and Lishan Garden. Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and horse is a world cultural heritage, one of the eight wonders of the world and the national AAAAA level tourist attraction. The Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang was a large-scale burial pit in the cemetery of the first feudal emperor Qin Shihuang of China, covering an area of 2.18 million square meters. It is the largest ancient military museum in China and you should not miss your chance to visit.

Entrance fee: 120 RMB

Opening hours: 8:30 am – 17:30 pm

Address: 1.5 km east of Qin Shihuang Mausoleum of Qinling North Road, Lintong District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Telephone: 029-81399127

Transportation: Take bus No. 5, 306, 307, 914, 915 and get off at Terracotta Warriors Museum station.

3. Forest of Stone Steles Museum 西安碑林博物馆

Forest of Stone Steles Museum, formerly known as the Shaanxi Provincial Museum, was founded in 1944. It is an art museum based on "Xi’an stele forest" with a history of more than 900 years and expanded by the ancient Confucius temple complex in xi 'an. The Forest of Stone Steles Museum in Xi’an is the earliest Museum established in Shaanxi province. It mainly collects, displays and studies inscriptions, epitaphs and Stone carvings in various dynasties. As one of the most valuable cultural relics in Xi'an, it attracts many tourists from home and abroad every year.


Entrance fee: 50 RMB

Opening hours: 8 am – 18 pm

Address: No. 15, Sanxue Street, Xi'an, inside Wenchang gate of the southern city wall of xi 'an

Transportation: Take bus No.14, 23, 40, 118, 208, 214, 221, 223 to get there


4. Xi’an Banpo Museum  西安半坡博物院

Xi'an Banpo Museum is the first museum of prehistoric settlements in New China. Banpo Neolithic Village Museum is built around a historical site consisting of the remains of a 6,000 year-old village once home to a matriarchal clan community. It reveals the social organization, production and life, economic form, marital status, customs, culture and art of a typical matriarchal clan settlement in the neolithic age about 6000 years ago. The Banpo Museum is one of the “Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Xi'an” and one of the “50 places in China that are most worthy of foreigners”.


Entrance fee: 35 RMB

Opening hours: 8 am – 17:30 pm

Telephone: 029-83532482

Address: No. 155, Dongjiao Banpo Road, Xian City, Shannxi Province, China

Transportation: Take bus No.105, 406, 913 to get there. Or take metro line 1 to Banpo Station

5. Hanyangling Museum 汉景帝阳陵博物馆

Hanyangling Museum, also called Yang Mausoleum, located on the bank of the Weihe River in the northern suburbs of Xi'an, is the multi-burial cemetery of Emperor Jing of Han and his queen. It is established by relying on the Hanyang Tomb, a national key cultural relics protection unit. The tomb was built from 153 BC to 126 BC, covering an area of 20 square kilometers. The Hangyangling Museum is a large-scale cultural tourism scenic spot mixing the modern technology, ancient civilization, history, culture and landscape together. It is the largest museum with largest floor space in China.

Entrance fee: 70 RMB

Opening hours: 8:30 am – 17:00 pm

Telephone: 029-62657530

Address: East Section of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport Expressway, Xian City

Transportation: Take No.4 tourist bus and No.5 Xianyang bus to get off at Hanyang Mausoleum station there. Or take metro line 2 to library station exit D and transfer No.4 tourist bus.


6. Xi'an Museum 西安博物馆

Xi'an Museum is a national grade museum integrating world cultural heritage, historical sites, ancient architectural complex and urban gardens in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Xi’an Museum contains more than 110,000 pieces of cultural relics, including bronze wares, jade wares, gold and silver wares, three-color glazed wares, painting and calligraphy, miscellaneous wares, etc. Based on the display of historical relics, it highlights the development history and social life of the ancient capital of xi 'an. The small wild goose pagoda is the highlight and the largest cultural relic in xi 'an museum.


Entrance fee: Free

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 17:30 pm

Telephone: 029- 87803591

Address: No. 72, Youyi West Road, Xi'an City

Transportation: Take bus No.18, 203, 204, 218, 21, etc. to Xiao Yanta station.


7. Shaanxi Art Museum  陕西省美术博物馆

The Shaanxi Art Museum is a large-scale art museum invested and constructed by the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government. With a total construction area of 10,712 square meters and an exhibition area of 7,600 square meters, it is the largest art museum in the western region of China. The main collections of art in the Shaanxi Art Museum include Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, watercolor gouache, craft, calligraphy, engraving, new year painting, rubbings, folk art and so on. It focuses on the collection of modern and contemporary fine art works in Shaanxi and western China, Shaanxi folk art and related art literature.

Entrance fee: Free

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 17:00 pm

Telephone: 029- 85268292

Address: No. 14, Chang'an North Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi

Transportation: Take bus No. 12, 23, 36, 600, 616, 603, etc. to Stadium Station. Or take subway line 2 to Stadium Station(Exit B)


8.Tang West Market Museum 大唐西市博物馆


The Tang West Market Museum is the private relic museum with the theme of Silk Road culture and commercial culture. More than 20,000 pieces of cultural relics are collected in the museum, and the cultural relics were unearthed from the Tang West Market site and collected by the founder of the museum over the past 20 years, starting from Shang and Zhou and down to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Museum is divided into five sections: Permanent Exhibition, Thematic Exhibition, Temporary Exhibition, Special Exhibition and Art Gallery. Various artifacts can be appreciated here, including bronze wares, porcelains, clay figurines, gold and silver vessels, silk products, etc.

Entrance fee: Free

Opening hours: 9:00 am – 17:30 pm, closed on every Monday

Telephone: 029- 84351808

Address: No. 118, Laodong South Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an, Shaanxi

Transportation: Take bus No. No.15, 24, 43, 106, 107, 201, 251, 262, 322, 502, 503, 518, 521, 720, 800, 916 and special university lines to get there.

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